Arnold Joseph’s Mother Says Watching News About George Floyd Death ‘Painful’

The mother of Arnold Joseph says watching the news about the death of George Floyd brings back painful memories of the murder of her own son by Saint Lucia police.

“I do not have any answers about why my son got killed,” Joanna Joseph said in a voice note posted on social media Friday.

She said she has no answers as to what made the police follow the car in which her teenage son and two other males were travelling on the night of May 22, 2019.

According to the police, a ‘suspicious’ vehicle in Castries failed to stop when ordered to do so.

The law enforcement officers said during an attempt to apprehend the individuals, one person was fatally shot, a second was injured and a third uninjured male was arrested.

Arnold Joseph, a student of the Entrepot Secondary School, was 17 years old when he died.

Joanna Joseph disclosed that watching the news of George Floyd’s death in the United States has been very painful for her.

“I start to get some nightmares just thinking ‘My God, how was my son feeling on that night when he got shot, when he got ignored with all that pain he was suffering on the ground?” The mother explained.

“One of the police officers had the audacity to put their feet on him and kicked him just to see if he was okay – not paying any attention to him and giving him medical attention,” Joanna stated.

She noted that people in Saint Lucia have been using her son’s name in their cries for justice.

Joanna expressed gratitude to people who have supported her.

“People are protesting and people are marching and people are seeking justice and it’s happening tight here in our little Island, our little Saint Lucia and we are so silent and we cannot speak,” she declared.

Joanna called on Saint Lucians to join her in solidarity in obtaining justice for the murder of her son by the police.

“We need to put our differences aside and stop judging each other based on what we think we know,” she asserted.

She observed that the police involved in the incident where her son was killed are still on active duty and being paid a salary by the government while her son is dead.

Joanna observed that protests over George Floyd’s death are taking place in the United States.

“But what are we doing in Saint Lucia for justice? ” She inquired, while detailing accounts of others, beside her son, who have been the victims of unsolved killings.



  1. I feel your pain. Get the best lawyer available to make sure you get the right answers and hold those responsible accountable.
    We are still awaiting a response to the disappearance of the young man from the south while in police custody.

    • ….I feel her pain too ..WEALL KNOW HOW ST LUCIAN POLICE CAN BE so many back log of mysterious, unsolved and unjustified killings of young men in this country, the amount of dead cases is enormous. If the city police had guns the increase would have been even more. Mama stay steadfast in you endeavors, don’t give up, this is St Lucia and the wheel of justice runs slower than molasses in the hot sun and if you are poor it’s even slower. Seek the help of attorney which one ?? that’s another story none of them I know would do a pro bono even if they believe it would get them thru the pearly gates of heaven, most of them is all about the Benjamins. What I may suggest you do, is to look outside of St Lucia for help. Look up any of the international bodies on human rights The Amnesty Internationals of the world go to their website and write your most heart felt letter about your plight here in St Lucia as it pertains to your son and I am more than sure they will already have St Lucia on their radar, see if they would give you advice on what to do….maybe they already have a lawyer here in stealth mode and would take up your cause and put pressure on a Babylon Bawy.

  2. Justice for all. This lady needs to know why her son was killed. Was he involved in illegal activity? Was drugs or guns found in the vihecle or on this person?What danger did the guys pose to the police officers?To many times do we find police taking life’s for no reason and the action taken can not be justified. Parents and family members keep asking for information and their plea falls on deaf ears. Is it that police officers can do as they fill and use whatever mean they choose to? Is it that they are above the law? Is it that the people who are to do they jobs and deal with these matters feel that they are betraying their own? And do we as a people stay silent until trouble knocks at our doors. To many questions and no answers. Police officers need to be held accountable for their actions just like everyone else.

  3. Lucian high grade and Crystal , stop posting garbage . MS lady you son was a criminal , Floyed was not . remember that ….

    • I suspect John is a police officer. Anybody who knew that boy knows he was a straight arrow, kind, quiet, loving, very simple guy. A few officers used improper judgment, took his life prematurely. These officers will receive the justice they deserve. That much according to the law of God is guaranteed. All the Johns in the world will not prevent that. AMEN. Good luck to you John.

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