Arnold Schwarzenegger Attacked At South Africa Event

BBC News:– Video footage has shown Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger being attacked at an event in South Africa.

The 71-year-old former California governor was interacting with fans during a skipping competition at his Arnold Classic Africa sporting event when a man drop-kicked him from behind.

The attacker is seen being restrained following the incident.

Schwarzenegger thanked fans on Twitter for their concern, but insisted there was “nothing to worry about”.

The video footage, shared widely on social media, shows Schwarzenegger posing for photos and filming at the Johannesburg event on Saturday when the man attacks him with a flying kick.

The Terminator star stumbles forward after the kick, while the attacker falls to the ground, where he is immediately restrained by a security guard.

The man was later handed over to police officers, event officials said.

Schwarzenegger tweeted to his more than four million followers: “I thought I was just jostled by the crowd, which happens a lot. I only realised I was kicked when I saw the video like all of you.”

He later urged fans to focus on the athletes at the event instead of the attack.

“We have 90 sports here in South Africa at the @ArnoldSports, and 24,000 athletes of all ages and abilities inspiring all of us to get off the couch. Let’s put this spotlight on them,” he wrote on Twitter.

The Arnold Classic Africa event takes place every May and features a range of events including bodybuilding and combat sports.



    They see things on social media, and they do things to gain negative publicity, alright.

    Some innocently apportioned blame to social media as well.

    However, none has control over the ‘…unpredictable nature of man.’

    To the sometimes innocent victim, ‘…Murphy’s Law’ supports this assertion.

    Even with all his security (apparently grossly lapsed in this instant), ‘…Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.’

    Taken beyond ‘…copy-catting,’ not only is ‘…going to do some time at a penal institution, but also speaks to ‘…Incredible Stupidity.’

    This seemed to have been a ‘…Copy-Cat’ repeat of a similar incident when former wrestler Bret Hart was attacked at a recent event ‘…WWE Hall of Fame Induction [Canada: April 7, 2019].

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