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Umoja Communications Company Inc. (UCCI) is excited to announce the 3rd Annual Piton International Film Festival (PIFF) in St. Lucia August 15-21 2016. The purpose of PIFF is threefold. First, PIFF is a family-friendly event that encourages unity within diverse families, giving them an opportunity to watch, discuss, learn, and enjoy films together. Second, PIFF is part of a 12-month initiative that focuses on celebrating, educating, exploring, and understanding the various aspects that are needed in the production of filmmaking. Third, PIFF seeks to create economic and employment opportunities for individuals.
The festival will consist of the following events:
Media Day at Blu St. Lucia Hotel (Monday August 15) Boot Camp with three actors/producers from the States Seminars, UCCN TV Filming,
Red Carpet/Opening Night Film Screenings
Global Healing cable show taping, Actors workshop, UCCN TV Filming, Film Screenings, Grandmaster Kham Poetry Jam UCCN TV Filming, Film Screenings Film Screenings, Recognition Awards, and International Praise & Positive Energy Jam
Should you have any questions contact the founder of PIFF, Edmund Umoja Herman, at 201-951-5144 (off island), or via email [email protected]