On Monday 20th June 2016 At our location on Coral & St. Louis St., Castries, Upstairs Aquarius Crossing Bldg to the Reading Lounge at 6pm.

Among a variety of Gala event to create awareness for worthy causes,The Reading Lounge is a new Arts Cafe initiative created to encourage literacy among our peers, to connect St. Lucian Writers to Readers. We make discovering books entertaining, informative and socially engaging.  Authors will introduce their books to new readers, sell and sign books, exerts will be read by Authors and persons who want to share their favorite books with the group. To make it interesting friends, family and visitors will enjoy a glass of wine, tea or coffee with cheese, fruit platter.

We are passionate about the Arts and invite all readers, writers, social media experts, publishers, media houses to this wonderful Reading Lounge event.

RSVP: 451-8000,

email: [email protected]

at 12pm-9pm Mon -Sat

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