The National Arts Festival will create an environment that fosters creativity and inspires career opportunities.

Celeste Burton, Director of Training, Promotions and Development at the Cultural Development Foundation (CDF), said the National Arts Festival not only fosters creativity, but also serves to create opportunities for artisans.

During the launch of the festival on March 23, Mr. Burton said the National Arts Festival fits into a larger vision for the growth of the arts in Saint Lucia, as it promises to focus on the sustainable development of creative talent.

“We place emphasis on training and interacting with the youth because we have seen how important it is in the development of artistic skills and the interest in the arts. It is not just about the love of the arts and being motivated, but seriously starting to consider some of the areas of the arts for career opportunities.”

Events Director at the CDF, Drenia Frederick, said the festival brings communities and artists together to focus on their strengths.

“It is this strength, this belief in more than the conventions of convergent living that creates the dreamer and allows the society to encourage freedom of speech, the freedom to create, the freedom to be objective; and understand the human condition – liberate ourselves from the barriers and the notions of insularity and despair.”

Among the highlights for the National Arts Festival are the Micoud community festival, a theatre night, and an artist’s market.