Songwriter and former Calypsonian, Mc Stephen Aubertin has asserted that when calypsonians sing ‘biting’ renditions against politicians, it does not indicate that they are against the politicians.

Aubertin, whose is known as ‘Lord Help Me’, explained that he sees no issue regarding the current crop of calypsoes.

“This is not something new – that has been going on for decades where calypsonians, who are supposed to be the voice of the people, write based on how they see things in the country, socially, politically and otherwise” he  stated.

The former calypsonian recalled that he had made the calypso finals every year during a ten year stretch, and declared that he was no ‘lil boy’ when it came to the art form.

He observed that during his time, he wrote about all politicians, including the late Sir John Compton and the late Romanus Lansiquot.

Aubertin noted that Sir John, whom he respected as a politician, never commented on the ‘biting’ calypsoes.

“At the time he was doing certain things that were not right and I wrote about it, ” he told reporters.

Aubertin said some people would be surprised to learn that he has written songs against the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) which he supports.

“So it is not a question of persons being against politicians, it is just that the writers write about  what they see happening in the country at the time – and that’s how it’s supposed to be,” the former calypsonian declared.

His comments follow media reports that Castries South East MP Guy Joseph, who is also Economic Development Minister,  had pushed back at this year’s political commentary from numerous calypsonians.

According to the reports, the minister on Tuesday raised questions about the songwriters and suggested that the lyrical content should be more ‘uplifting’.

“Mr. Guy Joseph can say what he wants – it is his right to talk,” Aubertin said in response.

“If Mr. Joseph wants to come on the radio and allow the songs to get more popularity, he can do that.”

Nvertheless, Aubertin made it clear that personal attacks against politicians and members of their families should be off limits.



  1. Ask Aubertine just how many calypsoes he penned for this 2018 season and you will understand that these cslypsonians are singing but not necessarily writing. In that respect he is right that calypsonians may not be against politicians but maybe the writers are or the people who pay them to write.

  2. This is ridiculous, I don’t understand why the minister of everything is gripping about. This also happened to Kenny and he did not complain. If the minister insists politicians wrote the songs then I guess he speaks from experience and did the same about Kenny .

  3. Guy has a serious teething problem. Hence he can’t keep his mouth shut. These Calypso songs are so true. SMH.

    • Are you saying that the result of the $3,000,000.00 investigation on Guy Joseph is not true? You should take Kenny and the SLP to task for paying so much of our money for a false report. These calypsonian writer are so not uplifting. Where are the advice to the youth, especially our boys who are involved in the killing of each other and other criminal act. They have so many social topic to write about. After the carnival season all these song dead.

      • No money was spent on Guy Joseph. The investigation was about HIA. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. In the course of the audit Guy Joseph and some others name showed up for questioning.

  4. I would really like to know which song or songs Lord help him wrote about the labour party. Michael Thomas you are so right about the calypsonians are not against the government but the writers are. Most of the writers are slp supporters if not all. They are writing and singing for their supper. No more jobs for the boys so they are so vexed that they are bitting their tails. Too much hypocrisy and shagwen pouvoir

  5. Some of the songs have passed the level of social and political commentary. Right now, personal attacks on politicians and their families in some of these songs is considered normal, and is actually defended by Aubertin.

  6. Oh PLEASEEEEE!!! If no song is written about politicians in a Calypso Season, then SOMETHING is definitely wrong. I look forward to hear what songs will be sang.
    I would suggest to those POLITICIANS who are so THIN SKINNED that if you cannot take the heat…..

    • Listen Babara, songs about political issues and politicians are fine. We grew up with that. However some of the new songs are obscene and derogatory. We need to draw the line. One can clearly see that is vendetta calypso.

    • Could lord help me indicate which songs he has written about the slp this is pure lies and you know that so down pull wool over our eyes
      Most of the writers are anti uwp so they write these songs which goes no where
      It has always been said that when. Uwp is I Office the calypso season. Is on a high
      Why is that
      Agai. We say the anti uwp writers
      So lord help me you know you have just told a lie

  7. Mcstephen Aubertin is deluded. How can you tell St.Lucians what calypsonians are for and against ? Since when you turn telepath ? Speak for yourself my brother.

  8. Persons must realize that the Calypsonians are singing for entertainment but the contents of their songs goes out worldwide about their country St. Lucia. The writers are expressing their rage and bitterness thru these guys without they realizing that. What would they expect from visitors, Investors, and persons who want to learn more about our country. Some of these Calypsonians do not bring out the truth. This is negative for our Economy.

  9. “Analyze it and you’ll see these guy must be teething…”

    Great play on words in my opinion.

    The lyrical content of calypso has always been heavily politically influenced. For most we look forward to the season since it the only exposure to artfully present one’s position on current social issues.

    Freedom of speech right?

    Last years season had many songs for and against the actions of Ubaldus.

    Some performers and writers just need a little more mastering in the art of criticism.

  10. Calypso is social commentary. The present songs are an indication of what is currently happening in the country. Nothing is wrong with that. If the shoe were on the other foot, you would hear no complaints from not one of the present ministers of government. There are so much suffering and so little attention from the powers that be(healthcare, crime, starvation wages, high unemployment, rising cost of living, etc.). Until these ills are truly addressed by the government, sing calypsonians sing. The Ministers are complaining because their egos are bruised.

  11. Well I cannot remember any song Lord Help Me sang or wrote about Kenny or the SLP. Further to that I heard the comments Mr. Joseph made and he didn’t not express any objections or resavations about any song. He was asked bubs reporter and what he said was people can sing what they want but in doing so he is of the opinion in some cases it can localize the material, making it less appealing to a regional or international audience. He even went as far as to say it has been happening for ever now and that is nothing new. I wish the media will stop reporting falsehood or misleading statements. Always trying to sensationalize things. And some of the materials are very personal. Naming politicians by name, their mother and wife. Before the material was almost like art, poetry, indirect, metaphoric. You would have to figure out or interpret the message but now it is more bitter and direct. I am afraid in an effort to hit politicians hard we are now hurting the art form.

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