The Ministry of Health has expressed concern about risky behaviour during Carnival, including excessive alcohol consumption and casual sex.

Senior Medical Officer for Infectious Diseases, Doctor Michelle Francois, has observed that at Carnival time people let their hair down.

Francois however urged responsible behaviour.

“During the season at many of these activities persons tend to consume alcohol and we are aware of the effects of alcohol on the brain, in that it reduces your reflex time and causes persons to engage in activities which they would not normally do when sober,” the senior medical official noted.

“Activities such as engaging in risky sexual behaviors are of concern to the Ministry of Health. By risky behaviors we refer to persons engaging in casual sex, multiple partners as well as unprotected sex,” Francois explained.

She said that condoms have been proven to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections such as HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

Francois said that condoms also reduce the risk of pregnancy.

“So we ask persons to come out get tested to know your status, be responsible this carnival season. For persons who choose not to abstain, we ask that you use condoms every time you have sex.”

The Senior Medical Officer stated that that condoms are available at wellness centers around the island and at the infectious diseases unit in the Ministry of Health.


  1. Sex : powerful
    will happen under any circumstance
    Procreation of the species is nature’s plan
    Sex is simply unstoppable. It happens and should happen if the species is to be continued.

    • The article is not about stopping people from having sex. Read properly. Its about using protection to protect ourselves and others if we do plan to have sexual intercourse. Alot of men and women are out there partying and engaging in sexual activities with others knowing they have HIV, herpes and other STI’s. They deliberately infect us while some have no idea that they have it because they refuse to get tested. PROTECT YOUR SELF FROM THESE PEOPLE. USE UR CONDOMS

  2. Doc- If you say that there is an increase in STI’s / HIV/ unwanted pregnancy/ Abortions etc etc etc around and immediately after the vaval, then YES I understand the need for your advice, otherwise- let it be turnt!

  3. We need to populate our schools so I am urgening the ministry to retract this statement and allow the people to have their unprotected sex we need children for this country to move forward.

  4. Really Scott! We need children from responsible parents, having drunk, pleasure seeking, unprotected sex is not being responsible, that’s not the ideals we want our children coming from.

  5. I see HIV individuals who are out there knowingly infecting others without concern or remorse. No pleasure is worth a death sentence and anyone who condones unprotected sex certainly needs to research and study the statistics. Those who get infected by fooling around with risky behavior then return to an unsuspecting partner and the virus is then spread to that individual…..wake up people educate yourselves. Sex is not worth your life….wow

  6. So why is the Ministry so concerned and the people are not?? Do you have to drink during carnival to enjoy it. Do you have to put yourself in a compromising position to regret later. Church activities are “free” not a quarter of these people attend. They go paying thousands of dollars for carnival that can go towards a comfortable home for their families. Within a few months they cannot buy school books for their children and want to blame society and government for their sorrows??
    Our people are too happy Ministry of Health stop being sorry or concerned for them. Let them learn the hard way.

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