Press Release:- October 5, 2016 Castries, St. Lucia; As the leading telecommunications and entertainment provider across the region, Digicel continues to span its cultural investment portfolio across markets in unique ways.

In St. Lucia, Digicel has once again partnered with KiddiCrew Theatre Company for its 2016 production ‘Papa Diable’ / The Devil at Christmas and its fund raiser calendar of activities.

On November 3rd – 4th 2016, the National Cultural Centre will come alive with the rich work of  St. Lucian playwright Roderick Walcott, through incredibly talented young actors and actresses who make up the cast of KiddiCrew.

KiddiCrew has over the years become synonymous in St. Lucia with a variety of programmes for children`s development and has hosted a range of youth, arts and cultural based programmes both locally and regionally.

Recognizing the need to promote the awareness of two generations of the works of one of St. Lucia`s cultural icons, Roderick Walcott, (twin brother of Honourable Derek Walcott, St. Lucia`s Nobel Laureate for Literature), wrote musicals that encompassed St. Lucia’s cultural landscape, and participated in many cultural activities from the 1950s to the 1970`s.

KiddiCrew Theatre embarked on a mission to bring his work back to stage, by producing one play a year over a five year period featuring children between the ages of 8 and 17 years.

In 2015, the first play ‘The Legend of Tom Fool’ was spectacularly showcased at the Cultural Centre and for 2016, cast and crew members are excited to deliver another impressive staging,  this time of ‘Papa Diable- The Devil at Christmas’ come November.   

Speaking at a recent press launch held at KiddiCrew’s Theatre rehearsal space ‘Our Space’, Director and Producer of KiddiCrew Mrs. June Frederick said “Developing the skills of our young people in the arts, is developing skills for life.

Discipline, commitment and passion on any path in life for that matter and acceptance of the lessons learnt will only auger well for them in their future development. KiddiCrew Theatre Company is not only fulfilling this mandate, but by doing so is creating an encouragement and appreciation of local playwrights and our own cultural landscape.”

The Marketing and Communications Executive who represented Digicel at the press launch said “KiddiCrew embodies and represents two of our primary sponsorship philosophies which are youth development and cultural development.

KiddiCrew to us represents deep cultural preservation, an authentic celebration of true St. Lucian talent and also cultivates unique life skills through the arts for this generation.

Cultural identity is very critical to a country’s development and organizations like KiddiCrew do an excellent job in bridging the generational gaps in the continuity of St. Lucian culture, traditions, heritage, history, playwrights and more.”

Miss Victor went on to speak to the cast members specifically saying “I encourage you to truly appreciate the magnitude of the knowledge and experience you are gaining through this process. Many do not know of the work of Roderick Walcott, many do not even know he is the twin brother of our Nobel Laureate Honourable Derek Walcott and for you, our youth to bring it to life so boldly, is truly extraordinary. I encourage you further to share this knowledge among your schoolmates, peers, communities and families to ensure continuity of such a rich part of our culture and history.”

Tickets for Papa Diable – The Devil at Christmas are available at The Cell outlets Bridge Street and Baywalk as well as The Yard in Massade for only EC$50.

Digicel encourages St. Lucians to come experience this unique production on November 3rd and 4th, 2016 at the National Cultural Centre at 8:00 pm.