PRESS RELEASE:- Castries, July 28th– Emerging, Saint Lucian writer, Juelle P Cadette, is all set to publish her first book, an anthology entitled Dark Spaces.

The author has decided to explore the self-publishing route through Amazon’s Create Space and is appealing to the public to help her contribute to Saint Lucian Literature and bring her characters to life.

“Of course, it is a dream for most writers to become a published author under a recognized publisher, but the odds are stacked high for voices such as mine from the Caribbean, thankfully writers like our very own Sir Derek and Marlon James has and is changing that.” Cadette said. “Although self-publishing has paved the way for many acclaimed authors, and can be free to an extent, to be competitive, your book has to also look, feel and read like an established author, there is also marketing to consider, and I am appealing to the public to help assist me in this regard.”

Cadette has set up a campaign through to help her towards her goal of becoming a published author. Donations will be put towards: professional editing, book cover design, book reviews, print and e-book formatting, book marketing through online, print and the Combined Book Exhibit (CBE), a marketing resource that allows your book to be displayed through major trade shows and book fairs around the world.

“Being a self-published writer is much like being an entrepreneur. You think of an idea, you invest in it, you market and sell it. My idea just happens to fall into the literary spectrum, and it is a book, but it is no different to starting your own business. Art requires immense passion and absolute dedication, more than many people realize or give credit to, and I am just as determined, like any entrepreneur to succeed. Of course, a writer should mainly concern him or herself with writing, and I agree, but being a writer today is different to what it used to be, and you are required to do much more than ever before. Self-publishing has given me a way to fulfill my dreams; I am aware of the challenges, and I am not deterred.”

The anthology, will be a collection of eight non-related short stories that takes a peek into the lives of different people and chronicles how their decisions affects those around them, creating the Dark Spaces. The stories range in genre and time, from historical fiction to adventure and folk.

The majority of the stories was previously released through Cadette’s website, and based on suggestions, have now been drastically edited for publishing. Based on donations, Cadette, may include two new stories and a sneak peek into the first chapter of her first full length novel; donations from corporate citizens are also welcomed.

Cadette hopes to release the anthology in late 2017 or early 2018. Information regarding the donation page can be found through her official facebook page: Juelle P Cadette.