flow supports dennery st. lucia carnival
flow supports dennery st. lucia carnival

The Dennery Carnival Committee and residents of the Dennery community have expressed their delight following the successful climax of carnival celebrations in the village last weekend.

Flow was a major sponsor of the event, a further demonstration of the company’s commitment to giving back to local communities and supporting local culture. Flow contributed cash and gifts towards the event and also supported the Seria T Shirt Band.

This year’s celebrations included a Soca Monarch competition held Friday, July 1 at the multi-purpose grounds, followed by a grand J’ouvert. On Saturday, July 2, celebrations kicked off with the annual Parade of the Bands, where a total of six bands displayed their glorious costumes and themes for Dennery Carnival 2016. Hundreds of revellers and spectators converged on the village to enjoy the experience and they all contributed to the event’s amazing success.

Flow’s Marketing & Communications Executive, Shermalyn Sidonie-John congratulated the Dennery Carnival Committee for a job well done and for helping to make the carnival an enjoyable event.

“We are quite happy that, over the years, Flow has been able to partner with the organisers of community based carnivals to assist them in developing a first-class product. We always try to make carnival a joyful occasion for the people of St. Lucia and our customers, in view of the fact that it is one of our most important cultural celebrations. Once again we saw Dennery revellers sharing the fun via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It’s an exciting time and we want all of Saint Lucia to share the excitement of carnival,” said Sidonie-John.