PRESS RELEASE: As Real Madrid and Liverpool squared off for the biggest prize in European club soccer last Saturday, May 26, in Kiev, Ukraine, thousands of Saint Lucians converged on the Derek Walcott Square in Castries to witness the game. This was Heineken’s eighth year hosting the ultimate viewing party in Saint Lucia and from all indications this was by far the largest and best!!

It was a game filled with thrills, sheer excitement, victory to one team and ah yes the agony of defeat, as Real’s 3-1 victory gave the Spanish team an unprecedented third straight Champions League title. But for Heineken, it was also a moment of triumph, as patrons gave Saturday’s viewing party the two thumbs up.

The Heineken Viewing Party which was open to the public, saw football and Heineken fans flocking to the Derek Walcott Square from as early as noon, ahead of the start time, to view the game on the largest screen ever. And, never was there a dull moment – before, during and even after the game.

Patrons were treated to a number of entertainment stations at the DWS, including gaming booths for FIFA 18 Tournaments, as the Heineken DJ pumped the latest sounds to an energized audience. Fans were also given opportunities to win an array of extraordinary prizes and were treated to free samples of Heineken Light. From the well-stocked bars with additional screens for more viewing options, they were also able to enjoy Heineken on special.  

Daniel, a football fan from Marchand said that he has been to every viewing party held by Heineken and has never been disappointed. “This is where I come to view the game with my friends and we have a great time thanks to Heineken in this wonderful atmosphere at the Derek Walcott Square,” he says.

Heineken also treated 150 special guests, to its ultra-premium VIP pavilion lounge. Invitees included the media, football fans, Heineken consumers and customers as well as prize winners. Amidst all the game anticipation, guests were treated to Heineken and other beverages as well as eats. Some fans were also able to win Heineken UEFA Champions League paraphernalia.

Anthea, an avid Liverpool fan, though disappointed for her team’s loss says she enjoyed the game in the comfort of the VIP lounge thanks to Heineken and this made up for any disenchantment she would have felt.  “It was an amazing feeling being here and just enjoying the ambience, the food and the drinks in this supercharged VIP lounge,” she declared.

Saturday’s event also saw Heineken continuing to promote its enjoy responsibly campaign, by offering free Crystal Clear water during a ten-minute water break. “At Heineken we advocate and promote drinking responsibly. So we cannot take for granted the need for consumers to hydrate in between drinks.” Mindy-Luquiana Chicot, Junior Brand Manager Global Brands at WLBL says

Heineken also hosted a viewing party in the south of the island at the food court of the Daher Mall, Vieux Fort. The event was well received by the massive audience, who experienced the joy of the game in HD. Similar to Castries, some patrons were treated to a true VIP experience in a fully air-conditioned lounge with drinks and eats.

“With football being enjoyed by passionate fans all over the world and Heineken lovers being just as passionate about their beer, made for a great combination and we at Heineken Saint Lucia were pleased to share the excitement of this year’s UEFA Champions League with our consumers,” Chicot shared.

And so it would seem that the real winners on Saturday were Heineken fans. And with Heineken being the proud sponsor of the UEFA Champions League through 2021, the legacy of the true champions will live on!!