PRESS RELEASE:-CASTRIES, ST. LUCIA — Public servant and cricket analyst, Claudius Emmanuel has stepped out from behind his desk and microphone to become an author.

claudius-emmanuelAn avid student of the Bible for over 30 years, Emmanuel recently self-published his first book on the Rapture Theory, one of the most popular end-times beliefs among Christians today.

The captivating new book entitled The RAPTURE: from genesis to revelation undertakes a thorough investigation of the Rapture Theory, a concept that is associated with the Second Coming of Christ.

The book helps readers to trace the Rapture’s historical roots from the fallacious incarnate Antichrist concept that emerged from the founding fathers.

It then locates the Rapture within the belief system of all monotheistic faiths, including Islam and Judaism. It concludes by using the Bible to connect the Rapture to the mark of the beast and so exposes it as one of the biggest deceptions within the church today.

Within the pages of his ground-breaking book, Emmanuel provides multiple new insights into the existing literature on the Rapture and finally sets the record straight.

After prayerful study, research and analysis, he utilizes a set of biblical keys, nexuses and types to conclude that the Rapture Theory is erroneous, extra-biblical and orchestrated to supplant the resurrection, which is the true hope of the believer.

He posits that the Rapture is therefore a counterfeit to the singular and non-imminent Glorious Appearing of Jesus Christ.

Readers of the book will discover answers taken straight from the Bible for the following critical questions: What did Jesus and the apostles say about the Rapture? How does it fit into the plan of salvation? How does it relate to the Resurrection? And, when will it happen?

The thought-provoking 304-page volume unveils the end-times repeat of what Emmanuel calls the “extra-marital affair” in the Garden of Eden – another ploy by the wannabe husband to seduce the espoused bride into consummating the marriage before the advent of the true husband. The author therefore challenges Christians as members of that bride to ask themselves, whether they are the foolish virgins who give in to the Rapture or the wise virgins who wait patiently for the Glorious Appearing.

The author states: “I hope readers gain an understanding of the Rapture Theory’s origin, its revelation as the mark of the beast, and an understanding of it as a tool to deceive people into the worship of the counterfeit God and the severe consequences for those who embrace it.”

The book was published in Florida, USA by Xulon Press, a division of Salem Media Group. Xulon claims to be the world’s largest Christian self-publisher, with more than 15,000 titles published to date.

Retailers may order The RAPTURE: from genesis to revelation through Ingram Book Company and/or Spring Arbor Book Distributors. The book is available online through,, and (paperback, ISBN 9781498471206 for US$17.99, and e-Book ISBN 9781498471213 for US$8.99).

The book is available from the author and local bookstores in St. Lucia and retails for EC$50.

Claudius Emmanuel, 47, has over 20 years experience within the Ministry of Finance, where he currently holds the post of Deputy Budget Director. He is a graduate of the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus Jamaica, from which he earned a Masters Degree in International Business in the year 2000. He lives in Castries with his wife and their three children.

The RAPTURE: from genesis to revelation will be the subject of a Press Launch on Wednesday June 22, 2016 at the Central Library from 10:30 am, to which the press is invited. Forming part of the Launch will be the release of a song which captures the essence of the book. The song was written by Claudius Emmanuel with music arranged and recorded by Ronald Boo Hinkson.