hermangild francis
hermangild francis

National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis, has commended police and the fire service for their roles during Carnival, asserting that the event went ‘very smoothly’ based on  information from the Police Commissioner and the Fire Chief.

“I want to thank the police force and the fire service for doing an excellent job,” Francis told reporters Friday.

“You would have realised that this year the carnival spirit was really there and there were several activities,” the former Deputy Police Commissioner observed.

He noted that the police had to be at every one of the events and despite being stretched, did an excellent job.

“The fire service, although they may be in the background, they also had to be at every show for  fire and other hazards and emergencies and so on, and they too played a pivotal role in making the activities a success.”

Francis said he also wanted to thank citizens for behaving responsibly while enjoying themselves.

“I think without their cooperation, their assistance, it would not have been as peaceful and as smooth as it went,” the minister told reporters.

Police Commissioner, Severin Moncherry, also expressed gratitude to his ‘hardworking’ officers and members of the public.

He noted that police officers worked some long hours and made sacrifices during the carnival season.

According to Moncherry, some 400 police officers and members of the City Police were deployed.

“We also had the Special Services Unit in the background and plain clothes officers,” he disclosed.





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