Castries Mayor,Peterson Francis, has pledged support for Saint Lucia carnival through a proposed  partnership with the Events Company of Saint Lucia.

According to a release from the Mayor’s Office, the proposed partnership will see collaboration between the two entities to host Carnival Monarchs at Saturday City Night on July 21, 2018.

“The partnership will also see an increase in City Police patrols during the parades, and the city being brightly outfitted ahead of the festival,” the release noted.

It  quoted Mayor Francis as saying that his support for arts and culture is aimed at ensuring that carnival receives the due recognition it merits,  since local music now penetrates the ear of the world.

“It is not only providing an avenue to showcase Saint Lucia`s multiculturalism, but creating the right environment for masqueraders and members of the public to feel the vibe. The spotlight of the global entertainment industry is now on the island and we need to make our presence felt more than ever,’’ Francis declared.

“The three million dollar investment into the industry is ideal, in addition to the hard-work, energy and vibrancy which Culture Minister Hon. Fortuna Belrose brings to the table. However, more support is necessary from corporate Saint. Lucia to grow the festival. We need to create a carnival brand that is unique and a cut above the rest.’’

Speaking to the collaboration, Mr. Thomas Leonce, CEO of Events Company of St. Lucia lauded Mayor Francis and his office for their support. He said, “What the Mayor has done shows a great level of support for culture, which builds the elements of an outstanding product. This alliance will give life to the carnival atmosphere and we thank him immensely”.

Mayor Francis gave his commitment that his office will continue to stand firm in supporting the development of arts and culture, according to the release from his office.



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