“As Parents, We Need To Talk To Our Children”

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Micoud Secondary School Principal Flora Emmanuel Joseph has urged parents to communicate with their children.

“If there’s anything I want anybody to pick up from this interview is that as parents we need to talk to our children,” she told HTS Evening News on Thursday.

The Educator spoke as the family of fifteen-year-old Darlene Daniel Piltie of Vieux Fort breathed a sigh of relief after the missing teen was located.

But a search was still on for  another missing youngster – 16-year-old Haillie Davy of Desruisseaux.

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Both  teenagers attend the Micoud Secondary school.

HTS News quoted the institution’s Principal as saying that the disappearances have been difficult for the school.

According to Mrs. Flora Emmanuel Joseph, the school reminded students to open up to counsellors and reach out to teachers when they feel overwhelmed.

“We recognise that the students are under a lot of pressure – pressure to perform with their school work and pressure of course at home,” the Principal told HTS News.

And she disclosed that in conversation with some other students, the youngsters indicated that their parents could not talk to them.

“The parents quarrel a lot. There’s a lot of shouting,” the Educator related.

As a result, she explained that parents need to talk with their children.


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  1. Most St. Lucian really don’t have a bit of trust of children especially teenagers, when a child is hurting at a home I believes parents should see signs of discomfort, compliments them when needed, hug them on stormy days ensure them that they can say anything to you , build a boundary of love trust , most importantly talk to them about yourself when you were facing teenage life , what you expect of them , help them decisions , correct them and stop closing doors on them.

  2. Gender Relations should really infiltrate the schools to get to talk with the teens. Then get to the parents to TEACH them how to interact with their children. I know this is easier said than done … There is no handbook for parenting, it takes common sense and empathy. But these disciplines are lacking in a lot of “parents” some of whom are still children themselves. St Lucia still has A LOT of growing up to do.

  3. Yes indeed talk to the children but the vast majority of parents don’t know how to talk to their children…many of them lack parental skills…most parents don’t even understand the stages of development their kids go through, and what to expect in the kids behaviour and attitude as they become older….thus the children are raised in an environment where they copy and learn from their parent(s) and go on to adulthood doing the same thing to their children thus perpetuating the vicious cycle of poor parenting, dysfunctional family leading to mal adjusted kids not doing well at school very likely to leaving below the breadline and perhaps a life of crime that affects society….and the cycle is perpetuated ultimately leading to a society that never progresses….u can see it in society today…looks at the crime stats….that says it all….when I say government should implement in all school a program where everyone can understand their duty to society, where mothers and fathers whether single parent or not, can be role models to their kids, programs where parental skills are taught, civic duty, national pride, etc etc …this would go a long way to fight the scourge of crime in Saint Lucia…now I must admit, Saint Lucia is a wonderful country with warm hearted people but we risk losing that accolade due the visionless leaders we have…Pitons and sandy beaches don’t make Saint Lucia, it’s the people who make Saint Lucia…so implement programs to ensure all Saint Lucians reach their fullest potential…sports, arts, where is the national theatre Sir Derek Walcott was fighting for? Still the national theatre hasn’t materialised…Education In every field of endeavour…and the list goes on….where are the leaders when we need them?

    • Well said …. just want to add that there is a difference between “talking too a child, and talking with a child” …

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