Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Association of retired persons celebrates

Press Release:-The Association of Retired Persons celebrated their 32nd Anniversary with a Church Service and breakfast social on Wednesday March 29, 2107 at the Mount of Prayer Coubrail. Mr. Andrew James the Chairperson of the Northern Chapter who spoke on behalf of the Board congratulated the members on achieving such a milestone and wished the Association continued success.

The Association’s Mission is “to promote the social and economic well-being of members, in order to make life more meaningful and to enhance the utilization of their skills and experiences in the overall development of the society”.

In achieving its mandate the  Annual Retreat was held on  Saturday March 25, 2017 at the Kelvin Felix Pastoral Center under the theme “How you Envisage Yourself Determines the Life you live”  

Presenting on the theme was our very own member Patricia James who reminded members that life is meant to be lived. She noted “If we are to have a meaningful life we have to remember that life has to do with choices. However when faced adversity we should remember that we should turn to the Almighty Father to help us through” She highlighted a few points that would help in making life more meaningful:

  1. Follow your aspirations – the answer to the question what do I want to give the world.
  2. Be passionate – whenever you d something that you are passionate about it gives meaning to life
  3. Live by your Code of Ethics –  a set of values you uphold;
  4. Cultivate compassion  – this happens when we stop being the center of our universe and focus on the needs of others;
  5. Be kind
  6. Be of service to a greater cause – a great way to give meaning to life is to volunteer
  7. Strive for a better future – developing as a human being makes ever day count
  8. Happiness  – If you have a meaningful life, you have a happy life

The second session saw a presentation by Marise Adjodha Skeete which highlighted the difference between meditation and sleep.  Sleep is when the body and mind are at rest, while in meditation which is a natural process the mind settles into itself.

 This session was interactive and members were taken into the art of breathing correctly as well as using the whole body to evoke laughter.   

The Chairman of the Education Committee, Ms Aloysia Gabriel, described the retreat as “thought provoking and enlightening”.

Other activities for this Anniversary include the Annual General Meeting on April 8.  The highlight of the celebrations will be the   Annual Variety show   dubbed “Capture Seniors in Action” on Monday April 17, at the CSA Center Sans Soucis.

If you have attained age 50 and have retired from your professional life come join us and live the Life you envisaged.


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