Monday, February 17, 2020

At Least 23 Inmates Dead In Clash With Cops In Venezuela Jail

CARACAS, Venezuela (AFP) — At least 23 inmates were killed and 14 police wounded in clashes at a jail in western Venezuela on Friday, an NGO that defends prisoner rights said.

The clashes broke out when special forces (FAES) police attempted to rescue some visitors who had been taken hostage Thursday by inmates at the police station jail in Acarigua.

“This morning (authorities) sent the FAES and there was a clash. The detainees had weapons, they shot at the police. Apparently they also exploded two grenades,” Carlos Nieto, director of the Una Ventana a la Libertad NGO, told AFP.

An internal police report, quoted by the NGO, said several officers were wounded by shrapnel.

“We can confirm that there are 23 dead detainees and 14 wounded police,” said Nieto.

The prisons ministry didn’t comment on the incident, saying police station jails aren’t under its control.

Violence is a problem in such detention facilities, where inmates are supposed to be held for a maximum of 48 hours, Una Ventana de la Libertad said.

There are around 500 of them in the country, holding 55,000 people even though their total capacity is just 8,000, the NGO added.

Venezuela has one of the worst records for prison violence in the region.

In March 2018, 68 inmates died in a fire at a police jail in the northern city of Valencia.

And in August 2017, a riot at a facility in the southern Amazonas state left 37 prisoners dead.



    That which rioting prisoners always seemed to have ignored, in an enclosure, it means a ‘…Contained Environment.’

    This is very easy for ‘…containment.’ Why?

    Rioting and violent prisoners ‘…have no place to run and no place to hide.’

    Easy picking for ‘…perched police marksmen or snipers.’

    Those that might be thinking that they can go into a penitentiary to riot, could expect that some will be removed ‘…seriously or fatally wounded.’

    Even in the wider society, that has often been the results of rioting- ‘…death and destruction; …bleeding; …pain and suffering.’

    However, under normal conditions, they shall be treated as ‘…reasonable creature in being,’ until they turn ‘…beastly; …behaved stupidly; …brutally and deadly.’

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