ATM scam alert in Antigua

Antigua Observer:-As lawmen probe several ATM scams across the country, they are urging residents to be on the lookout for any strange machines attached to ATMs.

The warning also follows the arrest of three men who used forged bank cards to pay for thousands of dollars-worth of goods at local businesses.

Observer Media reports that the police say information indicates that the three who were charged, have accomplices.

Damian Tomlinson, Nicholas Grant and Colton Albert are due in court today having been charged with several offences including larceny, forgery and uttering forged instruments.

Lawmen say the alleged fraud occurred in the first two weeks of May this year.

The men reportedly used forged ATM cards at a Superette in Bolans to pay for two thousand dollars-worth of items. They reportedly did the same thing at an Old Parham Road business.

Colton Albert who is said to be part of the scheme, allegedly used the forged bank cards to make purchases of up to eight thousand dollars at a business place in St John’s.

Last October Damian Tomlinson and Nicholas Grant were jointly charged with David Thomas for ripping off several people through an ATM scam.

They allegedly obtained 37 thousand dollars from several bank accounts. Lawmen say the men were all granted bail and were awaiting committal when Grant and Tomlinson allegedly carried out more crimes.

Lawmen also say there’s no word on David Thomas’ whereabouts since he was granted bail.