Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Babonneau Fire Station Suspends Emergency Responses

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A staffing shortage has forced the Babonneau fire station to temporarily suspend emergency responses. 

At the same time, a skeleton staff at the facility’s control room is diverting distress calls to the fire service headquarters in Castries and the Gros Islet fire station to respond, the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) says.

“Several persons have reported sick from different stations in the North, so we have moved people around,” a senior official disclosed.

The official told St Lucia Times that staff members are off the job due to COVID-19 infections or isolation after contact tracing but could not at the time provide the numbers involved.

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In addition to COVID-19 infections among staff, the SLFS says a recent surge in distress calls relating to fires, violent crime, road accidents, and other emergencies, including COVID-19 conditions among the public, has taxed its resources.


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  1. Wonderful sight viewing and great progress !
    Thank you LORD :
    May your mercy and grace be continued to be bestowed larvishly upon St-Lucia
    Blessings to all ♥️🇱🇨🌹
    Keep up the good work with the helping hand of God !

  2. @Undercover:- you are so right. I still want to know who ordered the release, how much was paid, who collected the cash, why was an investigation not held, why the hush hush. That’s why the U.S. prefer to have such men extradited to the U.S. to face justice, because they know what’s going on, on these small Islands. With the boss of the Unholy trinity, anything goes. What ever is hidden in the dark, will one day come out in the light. Lord help St. Lucia.

  3. Haha I know how to get the Babboneau fire station running again; offer them a large pile of US cash just like the criminal did the Babboneau police station and in no time things are ok and running there. This is all another excuse for them not to pay their workers in full. The bosses will still be making more money despite the fire station closing saying they short on facilities

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