Thursday, February 27, 2020

Babonneau Parish Priest laments empty churches

Babonneau Parish Priest, Nwakwuo Celestin, has lamented that the churches are empty every Sunday while the streets are filled with young men and women, all in the name of pleasure.

But he declared that people cannot do without God, no matter who they are.

Celestin, who serves the Good Shepherd Church in Babonneau said  that the problem of crime in Babonneau and Saint Lucia as a whole is one of ‘dysfunctionality’, which can be traced back to the education system.

“At any point in time any government, any person decides to take away the school from the church, take away religion from the schools, I think that is the foundation of the problem we are experiencing today,” Celestin observed.

“That’s what happened in America; that’s what happened in England; that’s what happened in so many other civilizations,” the clergyman declared.

He was addressing a ceremony on Tuesday where the Babonneau Association in New York presented a cheque to the church which will later this month observe the 70th anniversary of its construction.

The Babonneau Parish Priest gave the assurance that religious leaders in Babonneau and especially at the Good Shepherd Church are not sleeping.

Celestin disclosed that the religious leaders will be coming out with spiritual programmes to address the problems.

However he lamented that young people hardly ever show up when they are summoned.

Quoting from the bible, he explained that people cannot call on the name of God in times of trouble if they do not know him.

“How can you know God if you do not hear his word?” Celestin said.


  1. Examine urself as to y the ppl of Babonneau do not come to church there.. First you guys accent can’t be understood. 2nd , the preaching is ridiculous, the mass never correlates with your preaching .

  2. People don’t come because the church is too long.. 8-11. Sunday church ended at 11:15. Church should be from 8-10:30. Get to the point

    • is it mandatory that church ends at 10:30? as Adventists we spend the entire Sabbath in church fellowship and praising god. #just saying

      • We spend so many hours on our jobs, on pleasurable things, so why can’t we spend a few hours with God on the day of Worship and Praise to the Almighty God who gives us life and provides our needs on a daily basis?????

  3. So why don’t you leave your cosy chair and go out and preach and meet them in the streets. One don’t need religion to be good stop fooling the people. It’s all in your mind .

  4. I lost my faith in humanity a long time ago….I don’t need you guys to tell me nun..I can pray to God an read my bible myself..Mankind are not to be trusted straight!!

  5. Instead of lamenting empty churches, have you ever sat and wondered why they remain empty? Your establishments are hypocritical and do nothing on a community level to engage the youth. You just want people to come and sit to listen to your hypocrisy, pay tithes(which is not being reinvested into the church, community or help the poor anyway) while many of you live double lives and live in some of the most luxurious homes and drive the biggest vehicles. Poor people are fed up of everybody taking them for a ride.

    • Anonymous June 7, at 12:18 pm
      You are precisely right. It’s unfortunate but the church is becoming an irrelevant social club. What the church needs are men who would talk less and do more. The church should be very active in the communities by involving itself in more Civic Engagement Programmes. Use some of the offerings and tithes to assist the very young, elderly and aspiring young adults who need some form of sustenance. The church is self-destructive.

    • This statement is not entirely accurate. Priests in St.Lucia do not live in luxury homes. Most leave at presbetrys which are not in the best conditions.
      It is true however that they must assess the reasons why the church is empty today.

  6. u make thing hard in the church examine your self….church is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy to long ……thank you

  7. I can remember going to church….and some sits were reserved for the prominent people in society…priest call your reserves 1st…i guess u never thought you would need us …a day..

  8. I am a faithful beloved in Christ Jesus. The bible says because lawlessness shall abound the love of many shall wax cool. Paul said in 1Tim chapter 3, in the last days they will become lovers of pleasure than lovers of God. But we pray that the lord will lead to the cross, we seriously have to pray for this generation.

  9. Why should i have to bow to the statue on the top when it has been said do not worship idolze. That church is just twisted… The hours do not bother me but the way of the church is wrong. The priest is not god he just sent you’ll to do his work… You guys act like u are above it all

  10. The Catholic churches hv to change their method of preaching if they want to convert people half of what they preach I don’t understand when I go their so the priest don’t know what it is like to preach on the streets this church don’t even hv a deliverance service or an altar call all I see is a bunch of idols people kneel down to which the word of God says is wrong the priest gives u the bread and drinks the wine this is wrong. People are having greater awareness so they are going to churches that doesn’t make them sleep

  11. Translation: He is lamenting that business is bad. Dude, religion was needed during the dark ages, today, it’s just big business. People have seen the light!

    • No they just seen a next form of darkness for true. And all of it white man business, the Catholic church and the ‘atheistic development’. Every man for himself. Every woman for she own. But JAH alone know that when black people turn them face toward them own self, and find God within blackness, this whole sinful world ago tumble down and the Rightful Rulers will be reinstated on the throne of this world. Righteousness supremacy arising from BLACK, where for 10,000 years and more black people did live IN GOD SELF

  12. Change the preaching fomat ask yourself why the answer is simple teach from the holy bible and stop singing the words go out of the church to convert persons give the people the bread and the wine not just the bread to choke them lots of their methods hv to change they are the ones driving the people away

    • Truth you talking. The church has rendered itself IRRELEVANT to the developing psyche of the people. MORE WE WANT now. New ways to connect with JAH.

  13. Maybe when the church stops judging people , folks will return . The church needs to be a shining light too, how do you expect folks to come to church which is embroiled in scandal.

  14. Too many judgmental people attend this church. I left because Miss/Teacher Christina or whatever her name was, always had a problem with me. Nothing I ever did was good for this woman. Everyone judges you in this community and treat you according to your family’s status within the community. That is if you are originally from the community.

  15. The Catholic Church needs to preach the Gospel by Twitter, Facebook and Whatapp to appeal to the young people. Give free Wifi during the service to attract the young people.

  16. Let me get this straight school and education are the cause dysfunction in society. Man shut up. The family broke down that is why we are in the mess we are in right now. Fix the family and maybe this current mess can be repaired. Teach our young people, future mothers and fathers to have some kind of standards maybe then this mess can be repaired.

    • TRUE, everything start with the family unit, the man and the woman relation. For they come together to make God, or they fight together to make Devil. And when they make God, nothing can’t stop them.

  17. religion is becoming irrelevant to the struggles of daily life. It just no longer makes sense the fairy tales. Churches arround the world are empty as people get smarter and smell the proverbial rat. Its all meant to deceive humans into submission and fatten the pockets of a few.

    • yes I. But same time we cannot run headlong into the beast of consumerism and every man for himself. RASTAFARI mi seh, Earth Rightful Ruler we must become. NO MORE SUBMISSION. Only empowerment into InI Divinity as Emperors and Empress on the Earth, bringing forth the mission of WORLD REDEMPTION, in spiritual and material wealth

  18. Haven’t you seen kids from good family do bad things. You know what!!!!!!!!!!. .

  19. Why should a belief system serious.There’s nothing factual about it,therefore everyone should hold on to their own and don’t try and impose it on others.That knowledge acquired can change at any time if new revelations are made.

  20. Teach the people the truth . Stop lying to them . Maybe one day they will forgive you.

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