Babonneau Primary School Greenhouse Project Gets Sagicor Funding

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By the end of this month, the Babonneau Primary School will be benefiting from an
upgraded greenhouse.

This is because the school received an injection of funds from insurance giant Sagicor, which recently donated $6,000 to the school, sealing the deal on its continued commitment to support the school’s efforts in this area.

The donation was made during the month of February and work on the project is currently ongoing with strong support from the teachers and the students at the school.

Sagicor has also committed to volunteer time to ensure the continued upkeep of the greenhouse.

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The greenhouse initiative has several benefits for the school. In addition to supporting the School’s Feeding Programme which provides meals to about 50 students daily, the project has the added benefit of providing students with the necessary skills for growing their own food as well as providing the school with raw materials as an additional source of revenue.

Ms. Tessa Bartlette, Acting Principal for the school shared some background on the school and the programme.

She said, “The Babonneau Primary School is over 95 years old with a current population of
130 students. The school decided to launch its first greenhouse project about 11 years ago out of a need to help support its feeding program but it fell into disrepair just before covid hit following one of the hurricanes. This year the school felt it was necessary to get the project back up and running and when we reached out to Sagicor we were delighted to receive their positive response.”

Ms. Bartlette explained that the green house will support the Government’s School Feeding
Programme Initiative which she said is very important to support the children’s health needs.

The school plans on planting a variety of vegetables including lettuce, tomatoes, sweet peppers and cucumbers in the first stage of the project.

The project forms part of Sagicor’s overall commitment to the youth, with the company increasing its support to youth related projects in the Eastern Caribbean and specifically St Lucia over the past five years.

Eon Phillips, Assistant Vice President, EC Insurance Operations, for Sagicor Life as well as the Branch Manager and Principal Representative for Sagicor’s operations in St Lucia said, “We’ve done several projects like this in the past and the reason is rooted in our vision to improve the lives of the people in the communities in which we operate. We see the youth as the driving force of our communities and by extension, the society. Our team is resolute about working with groups and schools which support the youth particularly the underprivileged and vulnerable.”

Deborah Raoul, Assistant Manager for EC Operations for Sagicor General, spoke about how Sagicor hopes the project will impact the school and the students.

“We’re really hopeful that this project is able to sustain the school’s feeding programme and provide meals for the students who need it most . We’re also hoping that the students will gain an opportunity to learn about the field of agriculture and food sustainability in general. Who knows, a student may discover his love for agriculture as a result of exposure to this greenhouse project.”

The Babonneau Primary school is working closely with officials from Sagicor to ensure that the project will be completed and ready for cultivating by March of this year.

Headline photo: From left, Deborah Raoul, Assistant Manager, EC Operations, Sagicor General; Eon Phillips, Assistant Vice President, EC Insurance Operations and Branch
Manager and Principal Representative for Sagicor Life’s operations in St Lucia; Tessa Bartlette, Acting Principal, Babonneau Primary School and Cirus Cepal, Education Officer District 1, Ministry of Education.

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