Babonneau Resident Hospitalised After Shooting

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Law enforcement officials say that a Babonneau resident in his thirties sustained a single gunshot wound to the abdomen Thursday night, resulting in his hospitalisation.

Officials identified the man as Ted Jn Baptiste of Paix Bouche.

According to reports, Jn Baptiste was on the stairs of his residence when an unidentified individual shot him.

Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) spokeswoman Stacy Joseph disclosed that emergency personnel from the Babonneau fire station responded about 9:25 pm after receiving a distress call.

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“The emergency crew found an individual sitting on a step complaining of pain to one side of his abdomen,” Joseph said.

The SLFS official said the responders assessed and treated the patient before transporting him in stable condition to the OKEU Hospital.



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  1. Should we the citizen allow this to die out, swept under the Rug, forgotten, isn’t that the exact thing the ‘Drug Lord’ wants to happen? then another Drug trafficker with fake U.S. $100. bills comes to St. Lucia, do the same thing, bribe his way out of Jail, no alarm, no red alert, worse still, able to get on a flight out of the Island, no questions asked till he is safe out of sight. Now, let me ask, (who in high places sheltering these Drug traffickers?) My Dear Lord, we need your help right now.

  2. At least the Jamaican police admited they were paid but here awa top secret. They afraid it would expose other things about them

  3. Well said Fox. BABONNEAU police station is a cesspool of corruption,mediocrity and inefficiency. Something has to be done about the lack of professionalism at that station. When will we know what was the results of the investigation into a murderer literally walking his way out of incarceration. HOW CAN WE WORK WITH THE POLICE WHEN WE CAN NOT TRUST THE POLICE.

  4. A degenerate and godless generation breeds violence and sadness. Isn’t this the place where a locked up murderer was let loose and nothing has been heard of him or the ones paid to let him go. The man has big connections in high places; money talks and the reputation of the Island is going south. The ex-convicts are busy doing what comes naturally; corruption knows no limits, I,m sorry for the future(if any left) of the youth in this Country:- only the Lord God’s miracle con help you if you ask Him.

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