Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Babonneau Secondary to remain closed for an additional week

Parents of students attending the Babonneau Secondary School  have been advised that due to repair works taking place at the school, students are asked to remain home until Friday,  November 02, 2018.

According to a statement issued by the Chief Education Officer Saturday, formal classes will resume on Monday November 05, 2018.

The Department of Education, Innovation and Gender Relations  has expressed thanks to parents and guardians for for their understanding.

Earlier this week Education Minister, Doctor Gale Rigobert, expressing ‘grave concern’ over what has been described as significant mold infestation at the Babonneau Secondary School, announced that additional resources would be allocated to deal with the problem.

Rigobert told St Lucia Times that the Babonneau School was among institutions earmarked for comprehensive rehabilitation.

She explained that significant resources were allocated for the rehabilitation of the school.

“Regrettably, some of that work stated late and in the process we observed other problems such as significant mold issues which now require the intervention of a mold expert,”  the minister told St Lucia Times.

She said the rehabilitation of the school and the mold remediation work would be taking place almost simultaneously.

The school remains closed to facilitate rehabilitation and mold removal work.



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  2. Mould no leave wall with prayers,mould has to be scrubbed,and soaked with quemichals.First find cause of mould,Broken pipes sewage,leaking roofs,water in foundation.Shame inspectors never saw the thing perhaps never went to visit schooll.All this is written in the books.Now students that have CXC,are loosing class,and ministry cant admit the mistakes they comit.And nobody brings them to the table,and make them pay.All is a hush hush in schooll.Remember when election time comes,ball headed have to pay.

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