Babonneau Woman Stable After Shooting

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A Hill Twenty, Babonneau woman was in stable condition at the OKEU Hospital after a shooting incident at Roseau on Thursday, police say.

Law enforcement officials said around 8:30 pm, officers from the Anse La Raye police station received a shooting report.

A police press release said the 39-year-old patient was transported to the hospital via private means.

Investigations are continuing.

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There are no further details at this time.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. Crime will not stop.It just started! There is way worse to come.Anyone who says the government is not responsible is a fool!!They might not be to blame but they are responsible.

    And it is not just crime.A society has four legs to stand on….
    1. Education
    4. The Criminal justice system
    St.Lucia has all four in very bad shape.There is no way things will get better without fixing each one..The problem starts with people being fooled by politicians during election time.There should be a requirement of common sense before people can vote.It’s unfortunate that stupidity doesn’t disqualify a person from voting.

  2. Apart from Jamaica and Trinidad, which Island has as much crime as St. Lucia? not even Barbados which is smaller in size, but about 1 1/2 times more in population. We as a nation is cursed. We once hosted an international witches conference, when this happens they invite all kinds of evil spirits with them; historically we are known to be a people who delve in obeah and of late, voodoo magic. From what I can see, you are doomed – but there is redemption for whoever wants it: time for the preachers, Priests and all to step out, meet people eye to eye, one on one, bring the worshippers who are willing out with you, sing praises, keep church services out in the open, town after town after town; Baptize whomever in open water – River or Beach; whosoever come; you must see a change.

    • This is what happens in a godless society. St.luica has become an idol worshiping society, whether its the brand names clothes and sneakers, girls walking around practically naked, prostitutes and thugs becoming parents, pastors sleeping with the congregation, alchol drinking, womanizing corrupt government and the list goes on. Turn your back on the Most High he turns his back on you! However if you turn back towards him, he is all forgiving, most merciful.

  3. I truly believe that something needs to be done about the surge in violence on this island. For far too long the populace has lived in fear. We see administration after administration doing very little to curb crime. And please don’t tell me ⛔ politicizing crime. This is Bullcrap. Start engaging the technocrats and find every viable solution to stop this nightmare.

    • @ Holding Firm. “Politicizing Crime” is among the dumbest things I hear people say. Mind you, talking about healthcare, taxes, bad roads etc. are never referred to as politicization. Local politicians have managed to divert the topic so that it wouldn’t be discussed.
      The cold, hard fact, is that politicians are unable, or unwilling to fix the problem of serious crime. Hence, they have latched on to the politicization bs. Fortunately, someone is at least trying to fix the problem of serious crime.

  4. You all shooting everyone everywhere gonna phock up everything for entire island resorts, golf courses, vendors all! Thank goodness this woman is ok and who’s paying her bills? Where are all the phockin cameras surveillances and 20 new police trucks? Smph you all need to cool out bc u gonna make RSLP start search every house, vehicles and bikes on de move.

  5. awa wiiii…instead of biting people when they express their opinion about labour or uwp why dont we come against the present day govt and take a stand in the streets seriously so that they can do something to address this crime rate…people jus now we wont be able to go anywhere??? people are biting and barking at each other if someone says something about their guavament but what is the guavament priority for the people putting them in??? i just wonder

    • …..I just watching you and your stupidity.. the government must fix everything. Man and woman at war the government must fix that, bam bam bam the police is right there, oh yeah we have one per 2 citizens. What you need to do is come to grip with the notion that life in Lucia will never be the same. The clock cannot be rewind to yesteryear, St Lucia has evolved into today’s Caribbean of lawlessness and crime.


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