Babonneau Youth Shot Multiple Times

Police are investigating a case in which  a known assailant shot a Babonneau youth multiple times in both legs on Sunday.

Law enforcement officials have identified the victim as Jovanay Cadet, 23 who is currently admitted at the Owen King European Union Hospital.

The shooting occurred at Chassin, Babonneau, about 3.35 pm according to reports.

The police say a known shooter committed the act.

The shooter and another male escaped on a motorcycle afterwards.

Police have since arrested a 20 year old suspect  of Chassin, Babonneau, in connection with the crime.


  1. so lock down over they get bad. start locking down babonneau and dennery for a start. then vieux fort and collie town.

  2. The Shooter have Been arrested and is in Custody.This was because of a woman .Two Sharing One

      • There’s more to the story than that meets the eye. These guys had beef. This has nothing to do with or about “A Woman”. That’s Just A Rumor to hide the dirty truth.

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