Babonneau Youth Synergy does clean up

Babonneau Youth Synergy today took part in a clean up of the Fond Assau river.

About fifteen members of the group participated with the help of members of the Babonneau community, the organization said.

A Babonneau Youth Synergy spokesman disclosed that an estimated thirty pounds of garbage, mainly plastic items, were removed from the river.

The clean up is part of the group’s thrust at river bank rehabilitation and ensuring sustainable water quality.

On November 1, 2016, Babonneau Youth Synergy will partner with Cox and Company Limited for the fourth phase of a tree planting exercise in the same area.

Some eighty trees will be planted.

Visiting cruise ship passengers are scheduled to participate in the exercise.

Babonneau Youth Synergy will be celebrating its fifth anniversary in January next year.

The group was launched with the objective of developing, empowering and mobilizing young people throughout Babonneau.

The youth organization currently boasts twenty-five members from throughout the community of Babonneau.