Babonneau Youth Synergy PRESS RELEASE

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The Babonneau Youth Synergy (BYS), Global Environmental Facility (GEF), Saint Lucia Department of Fostery  (DoF) and the Water and Sewerage Company Inc. (WASCO) have come together in a Community Water Stewardship Partnership (CWSP), to provide  half a million square ft, of fragile riverbanks and riparian strips with re-vegetation and stabilization at watersheds  in the community of Talvern and Maquis, Babonneau.

This project aims to enhance water security for the residents of the community and provide them with a more reliable raw water source.

The Talvern watershed has been degraded over the years, with poor agricultural practices starting a vicious cycle, intensive banana cultivation on relatively steep slopes as the main culprit, followed by livestock rearing.

Aldrick Edwards president of the BYS noted, “In order to realise improved water production quality, sustainable land and biological resources in Babonneau, through application of climate change-resilient solutions that maintain the flow of ecosystem benefits and their contribution to long-term socio-economic and sustainable development, and  the watersheds security and reliability, the partners have  further engaged the Babonneau community’s civil society groups in a project deemed, “Donate a Tree, Adopt a River.”

The president on behalf of the aforementioned partnership, invited residents of Babonneau and Saint Lucia at large to a tree donation project to be held at the Talvern, Babonneau Water Intake on Friday, June 10th , 2016, from 10:00 A.M.

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