Baby Electrocuted In Guyana

A five-month old baby was electrocuted after putting  a live electrical cord in his mouth, local news reports have quoted the police as saying.

According to Demerara Waves Online The incident occurred at about 11:15 Tuesday morning, December 12, 2018 at Lot 207 No. 76 Housing Scheme Corriverton Berbice.

Guyana Police Force investigators were told that the baby’s mother, Onessa Jackson ,27, was at home with her three year-old son Mario Cush and husband Errol Cush.

While making up her bed ,she said she  placed the baby on the floor along with some toys to play, it was reported.

“It must be mentioned that the floor had an electrical cord which was plugged into the wall and to a TV. Shortly after her three year son then shouted out to saying ” mommy look baby have the electrical cord in his mouth”. She (mother) picked him up from the ground and observed that he was unconscious,” police said.

The boy was rushed to the Skeldon Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Earlier this week, an 11-month old boy drowned in a three-foot drain after he sneaked out of his home without his mother’s knowledge.


  1. Its kind of hard to understand,how it all happened.Normally,you dont have a live wire on the floor.All your artifacts,plug into a wall outlet,electricity travels from wall to artifact.Course this is not a normal house sorry to say

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