Back On Track Ministries Unveils Massive Initiative To Tackle Crime

Back on Track Ministries is developing what has been described as a community headquarters to address antisocial behaviour and reach out to boys and men at risk.

The founder of the organisation, Keith Smith, made the disclosure in an interview with St Lucia Times.

He said  7.8 acres of land donated by the government is now being cleared in Dennery to start building a home as part of the project which has been reviewed by the Development Control Authority (DCA).

“At that home we are hoping to provide living space – accommodation for persons who are homeless and want a better life,” Smith told St Lucia Times.

He disclosed that the facility will offer multi-skills services including training in upholstery, welding, woodwork and information technology.

“Counsellors will be available that will be working in the community – we call them the Back on Track Community Facilitators, who will be able to mentor and at the same time provide education and support,” Smith stated.

Smith said his organisation has coined the acronym TACKLE, Together Against Crime, Keeping Lucians Engaged.

The Back on Track Ministries official lamented that too often there’s talk about addressing the crime problem.

But he explained that while there is a role for law enforcement, social services must not be overlooked.

“At this time we are calling on all Saint Lucians who believe that he complexion off our society has changed because of the reality we are in, to come on board and help us in providing the services needed,” Smith said.



  1. Sounds good! But am used to talk ,such a venture thou.needs financial support to keep running the duration.what income generator is there? Don’t mean to be négative but the reality is intitulé suck as this one has failed in the past because of lack of financial support! Hope there are broader minds involved! Because if it’s to depend on any government especially a small island like st.lucia.the well will run dry!

  2. These are good initiatives. I hope that everything mentioned will come to fruition. These are long term plans but there is a need for short and medium term plans to bring relief to the assuage the fears of the residents. The government and citizens really should do much more to significantly stem this raging tide of criminal activities. Once again, I call for the immediate sacking of the Minister of National Security as he is a complete waste of taxpayers’ money. Replace him with a much more competent, active, caring, articulate person. He is a huge part of the problem as he contributes nothing to the solution.

  3. Great initiative Mr. Smith however, how will it be funded? Would it be one of those entities who will depend on government for sustenance? Will this entity be staffed round the clock (which it should)?

  4. This is how a country truly tries to stop crime and to everyone raising valid finance concerns. A government must provide financial backing to social programs for its poor people. They can take some of the millions made from CIP to fund this project. A government should never be run like a business.

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