Bad Move For Police To Ditch TUF?

Former Trade Union leader, Kingsley St Hill, asserting that in unity there is strength, has suggested that it would be a bad move for the police to leave the umbrella Trade Union Federation (TUF).

St Hill was responding to reports that members of the Police Welfare Association (PWA) voted Monday to reject a government offer of a $1, 500 bonus, negotiate separately for salaries and eventually part ways with the TUF.

However the former trade union leader told St Lucia Times that the TUF existed to get public service unions together.

“It is highly improbable that you could give police officers ‘X percent’ increase and give teachers and nurses ‘X plus’ or ‘X minus’ increase,” St Hill, a former President of the Saint Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA), explained.

“The idea was never for us to negotiate conditions of work as a unit, it was always for salary increases that we got together because as public officers we fall in the same grade – so we needed uniformity,” he noted.

St Hill said from his understanding of the current structure, if the police get a 10 percent increase, teachers will not get five percent.

“It is fool hardy to think that they will get something different,” he asserted.

St Hill observed that the members of the TUF all negotiated separately for terms and conditions of employment, but on the matter of salary increases there was a united stand.




  1. TUF if too political.. great move Officers.. and at the same grade 5 Police is one before the last if not the last. Grade 5 teacher gets a higher pay than a grade 5 police. Whether they both carry a Masters degree..

  2. Mr. St. Hill; Our hard working police officers has all their rights to reject that! remember : you have to be in it to know it!

  3. I totally agree that most of the units under the TUF are too political. “Thumbs Up”, to the PWA. Some of the other unions needs to seek strength by sticking together. There is too much devision and biasness when decisions are to be taken by the unions. To add insults and injury our Labour Department have become a liability to the workers of this country, rather than an asset. There seem to be too many favours offered to union personnel and their families. Gone are the days when unions used to stand, fight and protest againts wrongs administered towards workers. I can rememeber when workers stood up and say I am going to the union or the Labour Department many employers would pay attention. Now that is not so. Why are our unions so weak? I am speaking from the experience of an existing matter involving a particular company, a union and the Labour Department which is ongoing for almost two years and is yet to be solved. The matter was intervened by the Labour Deprtment and was ruled in favour of the affected employees,however it is and is still unresolved. I was told that there are several matters pending and some even older. I suggested to the the to the union why not seek strength from the other unions, particulary to raise the concerns that the Labour Department (LD) is failing our workers in this country. Amazinly the response was the other union don’t associate with them. How many workers will continue to suffer in this country, whether they are working in the Hotels, Hospitals, Fast Food Restaurants. There are thousands of Human Resource cases brought before unions seeking the intervention of the LD. These cases are left to grow for years simply because when brought before LD cannot be dealt with, because of insufficient staff etc. They grow because of unions are, Weak, Divided and Not Committed.
    Sometimes I wonder if our unions fully understand the subjects of Industrial Relations and Human Resource.

  4. The Police Welfare Association should realise that unity is strength and breaking away from the TUF is tantamount to shooting oneself in the foot. But then again I am not surprised as the military men in the RSLPF feel that there is no advantage in being in a non-military civilian-run organization like the TUF.

  5. My friends, according to the literature politics is about – who gets what, when, and how. Trade unions are interest groups and form part of the political process. Hence they are political. What is bad is when the leaders of those interest groups dabble in party politics, because the role of the political party (obtaining and maintaining state power) is different from that of the interest or pressure group. In Saint Lucia, we have more than sufficient evidence of what obtains when trade union leaders sell out to political parties. The role of the trade union is to seek better working conditions and terms of employment for iits members in the Collective Bargaining Unit. You should read David Abdullah’s :

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