Bagatelle Man Held With Handgun

A 26 year old man of Bagatelle was arrested Sunday morning for possession of an illegal handgun, law enforcement officials have confirmed.

The handgun is said to have been found in a small bag.

Bag with part of handgun protruding

No charges have yet been laid, it was reported.

According to information obtained by St Lucia Times, the arrest of the 26 year old came after a search warrant was executed on his premises about 6:10 am.

A joint police patrol team and the Drug Squad took part in the exercise, law enforcement officials said.

The latest arrest came after police recently announced a change in their strategy to a more ‘aggressive’ one in the face of a spike in gun violence.

The law enforcement officials admitted that their previous strategy was not delivering the desired results.


  1. He Should be fined and $40.000.00 and 60years Imprisonement others with Illegal Firearms would Despose of them or Hand it over to the police

  2. Marlon that sponsoring the guns…..the same one that was on the boat with the gun beating the yute from jacmel.

  3. Nice, start randomly searching these guys.According them they cannot be caught “lacking” which means they always have a weapon on their person. So if you search them at anytime you will mostly likely get a illegal firearm

  4. The police must be unrelenting in their quest to not only confiscate illegal weapons off the street but prevent these deadly weapons from entering the country. Attack the problem at its source. Seizing illegal guns and ammunition off the streets but preventing them from coming across the border into the country is better. When the police take one gun off the streets, ten more enter the country. Find the loopholes and permanently plug them.

    • You know we don’t manufacture guns here. No one imports guns. Where do you think the guns that make it to the streets come from?

  5. U ppl chat your mouths off too much. Unless you have some actual #facts you canโ€™t be naming ppl like so. Keep all your assumptions to yourself. ๐Ÿ™„

  6. He was not caught on the street,His house was searched with a search warrant from a judge.And the gun was found.The article dosent name the guy,so why are you crying lady.Or are you defending the guy?lets get real about this,if you are in posesion of an ilegal firearm,you are braking the law.So all your other rights go down the drain,so Lily,dont defend these guys .Lets see how our judges punish this person? hope he gets at least ten years.Or am I dreaming?

  7. Who are we to post our opinions and pass judgment on only hearsay of this person. Until facts and i mean real facts come out then all this nothing but hearsay, hearsay from people, hearsay from the media,hearsay from the cops..and we all know just how corrupt this world can be so unless facts are given i say innocent until proven otherwise..

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