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Bahamas: Ex Sandals Butler Accused Of Sexual Assault Speaks Out

Former Sandals butler, Moral Adderley, who is at the centre of a sexual assault lawsuit against the resort in the Bahamas, said in a weekend interview that the bride to be who is his accuser asked him for a hug.

In the exclusive interview with Eyewitness News in the Bahamas, Adderley suggested that the $30 million lawsuit  filed by America nationals Ashley Reid Pascarella and her husband John Pascarella against Sandals was part of a gimmick.

John & Ashley Reid Pascarella

According to the news reports, court documents allege that Adderley entered the couple’s bedroom and proceeded to take sexual liberties with her, including fondling and groping the woman.

The husband to was said to have been in the bathroom at the time.

The incident allegedly took place on the night of April 15, 2016, the eve of the couple’s wedding.

Adderley has denied he claims made against him.

He told Eyewitness News that the couple always commended him on the service he provided as a butler and introduced him to their entire family who were in the Bahamas for the wedding to let them know what a ‘wonderful butler’ he was.

Adderley, who had a number of awards he had been given by Sandals for outstanding work on display during the television interview, recalled that after a cocktail party, the couple said they would turn in for the night.

He said the husband to be asked him to bring a couple of bottles of water.

Adderley said after obtaining the water he observed protocol by knocking on the door to the couple’s room and asserting his name as the butler.

“Within a few seconds, if there is no answer, then you enter the room,” the former butler disclosed.

He told the television station that in this case, the husband to be opened the door.

“I then asked him where would he like me to place the bottles of water. He said I could place it on both ends of the bed.”

According to Adderley, the wife to be was laying on the bed, awake.

He said he asked her whether she was happy about getting married, to which she replied in the affirmative.

He said before leaving the room he asked her whether she wanted to place a breakfast order which she did.

“As I proceeded to take the breakfast order she said ‘Moral, you are the best. Can I have a hug before you leave?'” Adderley disclosed.

He explained that the husband to be was in the bathroom area at that time.

Adderley observed that the butler suite at Sandals is small.

“It’s really small so one can see what another one is doing at all given times and like I said, he was in the bathroom area and when I hugged her, he walked out and when he walked out I said ‘Mr. Reid, would you like to place a breakfast order as well?’ He said ‘Sure’.”

“After I took his breakfast order, he let me out of the room. There was never any issue.”

Adderley told Eyewitness News that as he was completing his duties that night, he heard a big commotion outside the butler lounge.

“I walked out and I saw Mr. Reid. I said ‘Mr Reid, is everything okay?’ He said ‘No. Everything is not okay. My wife said you touched her butt’. I said ‘That’s obscene. Your wife asked me for a hug.”

Adderley pointed out that it would be hard for him to touch someone’s butt while they were sitting on a bed and he is hugging them.

He said the next morning he was asked to see the General Manager of the resort.

Adderley told Eyewitness News that the resort told him to make a report to the police station, not knowing that when he left Sandals he had been fired ‘immediately’.

“They never took a statement from me. I was fired immediately.”

He recalled that the driver manager and the butler manager drove him to the police station.

“I never made a report. I got arrested immediately after walking into the station. I never had a fair opportunity,” the former butler told Eyewitness News.

He lamented that Sandals took the oath of their guests over one of their star employees who had won numerous awards and did the best he could for the resort.

Adderley is reported to have pleaded guilty to indecent assault in a Magistrate’s court.

Explaining why, he told Eyewitness News that his initial plea was not guilty.

“I made a hasty, unwise decision at the time by not taking a lawyer with me to court because I didn’t know the extent of this case,” he stated.

He explained that he was remanded to prison for three months.

Adderly explained that he is the sole provider for his family, just three months into his marriage and his father had passed away around the same time, being cremated by mistake in a body mix-up.

“There was so much going on at the time – his funeral would have been that Saturday which I initially explained to the Judge and she could not have given me bail,” he told Eyewitness News, explaining that he would have missed his father’s memorial service.

“My wife and my daughter would have been by themselves for three months because I would have been remanded,” he stated.

He observed that even if he had applied for bail he would have missed his father’s memorial, since there was never a body.

“When I made the not guilty claim and she remanded me to Her Majesty’s Prison, I asked her if I was to change my plea,” Aderley said, at this point becoming emotional and wiping away tears.

He said the Judge informed him that should he change his plea it would go on his record and he would have to pay a fine.

He said his family told him not to go that route.

But he told Eyewitness News it was easier for him to change his plea from not guilty to guilty, pay the fine and walk.

He said he pleaded guilty for the sake of his father and his family.


  1. And thats what happens when a dirty company like sandals only cares about their white people…the same at the grande in st.lucia…they only listen to the guest..

    • Cause mathurin…there are no jobs..and the only jobs available are most times these dirty service jobs in hotels…conditions suck…but we must shut up..cause we have a job right.?

  2. I believe him. at Sandals they don’t give you the opportunity to explain yourself.they just fire you.All sandal do is put up a fake front staffs are very unhappy.

    • But there is always the legal process to fall back on and a worker can always sue for wrongful dismissal. It is just that people are ignorant of their rights or sometimes they just allow things.

  3. Sandals should have done a investigation. But these Con Artist know how these hotels run so they make the right pick.

  4. A person should never plead guilty, no matter what transpires. Remember, law enforcement is never working for you. Your father would have forgiven you for not attending his memorial and would have looked down on you and be proud that you were steadfast in you convention, that you never did what you were accused of doing. Traps are always set for Black men by offering guilty plea for freedom, which they never get after making the plea.

  5. Well now they will be lots of sandals here doing the same…with their stick in a$$ managers who follow butch stewarts evil rule…Sandals is like the US they take over your country by force and make it look like they were saving your country from doom!..we survived before sandals existed

  6. Every adult is responsible for their own welfare. This Guy should have sought legal advice which many of us take for granted. It makes no sense having confidence that a work place would have interest in your welfare. In fact the company may well be liable and in that particular case was trying to escape liability of being sued.

    We should not also blame the company because it is likely that they would see things in their own favor. Why would any service company especially a hotel get embroiled in a sexual case in order to save or defend an employee? However if he had taken advice then the outcome could have been different, it would mean that he would have had a trial and the facts would have come out.

    • The court system in the Bahamas is broken – you can either spend three months in jail (without bail) waiting for trail or plead guilty and pay a relatively small fine and walk away. As you may have guessed, conditions at Fox Hell Jail are horrific!

  7. I hate to say this …but I honesty believe this is a set up by the bride and groom to not have to pay for their wedding and to obtain 💰💰💰💰💰💰 in addition.

    However, like I said i benefits a set up. If indeed it was …God help them both.

  8. This thing almost brought me to tears. I read both chain of events and the guys own sounds much more credible. If these people are lying, I hope they get the 30 million dollars they are asking for because it will be the bane of their existence.

  9. this guy obvious didnt get the memo about the “me Too” movement. The woman is always right and the man is always wrong. case closed. If you dont believe the woman then you are a horrible sexist person becuase women are sacred and innocent victims and men are evil.

  10. Seems strange that the woman would ask the butler for a hug whilst her husband was in the bathroom. Perhaps she just wanted one last flirt with a black man before she married a white man but was taken by surprise when the husband suddenly caught them red-handed. To save her marriage and to heal her husband’s bruised ego she concocted a story that the butler had touched her butt without her permission. Then the plot thickened when the couple realised that the incident provided an opportunity to swindle Sandals to the tune of $30M. I think that the couple now have a marriage of convenience as there is mutual distrust after the hotel incident and once they get the $30M the wife will file for a divorce and ask for her half which is $15M! Plot of the century!

  11. I hope he gets a chance to sue their ass for wrongful dismissal and defamation of character!

  12. Them white people takes loans for vacation and always looks for ways easier to pay their loans but there are 3 sides to a story his theirs and the truth and I believe the guy is telling the truth he knows the rules why would he jeopardize his job over white trash smh

  13. We should all be smarter,dont walk into bedroom and start scratching,white ladys back.Mike Tyson,shoud have taught us something.Dont eat the meat that dosent belong to you.You can choke.

  14. He was my butler for my wedding and was nothing but a gentleman and super sweet. I honestly can’t imagine he would do this. He was very trust worthy during my wedding experience.

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