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Updated on June 6, 2020 10:30 am
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Updated on June 6, 2020 10:30 am

Bahamas Issues Ban On New Construction In Shantytowns

The  Bahamas government Sunday night issued a stop order banning any new buildings in four major shantytowns on Abaco, the Nassau Guardian reports.

The order follows the recent devastation of the Abaco Islands and Grand Bahama by Hurricane Dorian.

 The prohibition on new buildings in the shantytowns is valid for at least six months but could be extended, local reports say.

The Nassau Guardian reports that the government has been facing legal pushback since it announced last year that shantytowns would be demolished.

But the move has been halted by a court injunction and several supreme court adjournments.

Dorian flattened shantytowns such as the Mudd and the Peas on Great Abaco Island, killing dozens and leaving thousands homeless, according to the Washington Post.

Thousands of Haitians live in  shantytownson the Abaco Islands.

The Mudd, was home to the  biggest Haitian immigrant community, the Guardian said.

But it was devastated by Hurricane Dorian.

On Friday Bahamas officials reported that the death toll from Dorian was 50 and revised downwards the number of those missing from 2, 500 to 1, 300.


  1. So Dorian has given the Bahamas Government the opportunity it wanted to keep the Haitian migrants under pressure by ensuring that they do not re-construct their humble homes. Smh.

    • Would you allow the Hatians to re-build the humble homes in your country. Everybody has empathy for illegal migrants when it is not in their country. I am just saying, mind your own business. What do you think about Chinese in St. Lucia gaining citizens by establishing fast food joints in St. Lucia??

  2. Haitians or no Haitians – Shantytowns is an eyesore on any community. I would not want
    any such in St.Lucia, period. There’s nothing in today’s best known Engineering Technology
    to design and build any structure, for Residential or Industrial use to withstand such devastating
    impact as we have just witnessed; now what we do fear, we may not have seen the worse or the last.
    God forbid – but the poor we have always had and try as we may, some poor we shale always have with us.
    Many will doubt and some will laugh:- but we do have a strong and mighty defense i.e. prayer to our maker.
    It is well documented, that whenever the Children of Israel were in danger of being wiped out,: they called on
    the ‘ Name of the Almighty’ He hears and has always been faithful in delivering – His People – out of imminent danger.
    The lesson here is – do not forget God, He is watching us – we will be Judged by Him and be justly rewarded accordingly.

  3. Haitian’s hold your heads high you have weathered more many storm and this too will come to pass. So you stop them from building back now what they will have to find the means to survive by any means necessary because they are not going back home. They want the land for those rich foreign folks who had set up shop there and the shanty town was on prime land (sounds familiar). Who would want to build back on that Ironing board anyway it’s destin to happen all over again. some of these islands are 2 miles or less in length or with

  4. Start dregging and lift the ground levels by a couple of feet before you start building .Nice to be able to get rid of shanty towns,but what about the people that lived there?

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