Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Bandits Attack Security Guard, Break Into SLMB At Odsan

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On Friday, bandits attacked a security guard and broke into the Saint Lucia Marketing Board (SLMB) premises at Odsan, Castries, escaping with cash and equipment estimated at some $60,000.

The injured guard was hospitalised and later discharged.

Employees discovered the break-in when they arrived for work in the morning.

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SLMB Accountant Theresa Desir told St Lucia Times that the intruders believed to number about six, stole and damaged several items.

Theresa Desir

Desir said they took away some petty cash and all the computers which contained valuable data.

“Information is quite valuable for the Marketing Board and we have to start from scratch because this entity has been in the making for well over fifty years. But for this location currently moving from Castries to here, about ten years we have been operating in the Odsan complex and whatever information we had stored in our computer was not only what we accumulated here but from Castries,” the SLMB official disclosed.

“Moving forward, it would be critical to compile that information because some we might never retrieve,” Desir told St Lucia Times.

The SLMB is one of several concerns located in the complex at Odsan.

Headline photo: Bandits removed burglar bars to gain entry to building

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  1. Have you never heard of the cloud? Is everyone there as inept as the rest of the government? Why would you not have backups of critical information in the digital age, with such easy access to cloud storage services? If you have something so important in only one physical location, maybe you deserved to lose it one way or another… Just a shame that it was lost to a group of losers and that they will likely profit from it.

  2. I have been reading about St. Lucia crime for a very very very long time. It appears that bandits have literally taken over. The law abiding citizens need to flee asap. I hate to say this …but soon there will be nothing left in and for St. Lucia. It’s a very dangerous place and the poor tourist which were victimized in Soufriere will testify to their experience and tourism will be out the window.

    • You’re not wrong. It isn’t totally lost yet but 99% there. It would take a monumental effort on the part of the authorities/public to reverse this disorder and lawlessness. The people need to realise that every time they criticise the authorities for stopping someone squatting, operating business without permission, playing loudspeakers without permit, vending wherever they choose or as well call it, trying to hustle; they are complicit in this lawlessness. This also demoralises the police trying to do enforce the laws. It starts small then blossoms. Stop it when it is small. Problem never blossoms.

  3. Who say they will ever be Caught .The persons incharge knows very well that one Srcurity gauard is not what Required .Why not 4Security guards. Foolishness thats happening in St.Lucia when it comes to Security

  4. I wonder if this was an armguide security they refused to put proper security in these government places thank God they didn’t kill him my comfort is with you security hope u ok

  5. Spiritual warfare the Deablo looking for his sad thats not looking good for st.lucia blood accidents..shooting people come together prayers

  6. Lawlessness all over the place. Who’s running the country? What happened to law & Order?? This place is deteriorating by the day with no remedy in sight. God help us!

  7. So yall doh have no backups… in this technological era…but hope they catch the hoodlums quick and in a hurry!!!

  8. If they are caught and taken before the court, their punishment will be a tap on the hand. I am of the opinion that the judicial system is encouraging crime in this country.

  9. For 2 dollars an hour working 16 hour shifts security guards have to put thier lives at risk a security guard should earn 12 dollars an hour but the government refuse to enact a wage rate for security guards

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