Saturday, December 7, 2019

Bandits Break Into La Bayee SDA School, Steal $150

Bandits attacked the La Bayee  Zion Seventh Day Adventist Church and the adjoining La Bayee Primary School, Bexon,  making off with $150, church spokesman Eustace Monrose disclosed.

Monrose told St Lucia Times that the intruders are believed to have broken into the buildings between Sunday night and early Monday morning.

He said he received a call from the caretaker Monday morning alerting him to  what had happened.

Monrose told St Lucia Times he discovered that a crowbar or some other similar tool had been used to force open the side door facing the playing field.

“I suspect they were looking for money,” he stated.

Monrose said he believes when the intruders found no cash in the church vestry, they went through a door leading to the primary school, broke into the principal’s office and ransacked it.

“I don’t  think they got any money because we have adopted a policy where we don’t believe it is safe to keep any money at the school,” he explained.

Monrose said the bandits appear to have then proceeded to the school canteen where meals are provided for students and found $150 which they took.

He lamented that the school, which educates young people to make them into good, productive citizens, could have been targetted.

Monrose said the school has operated in the community for decades and has contributed to the education of some outstanding citizens.

He noted that it was not the first time that the institution has been broken into.




  1. There will always be crime as most private sector workers earn less than 4:00 an hour

  2. These lazy fools has no Frontier, no mercy and will not hesitate to harm, just for a few $ more!!
    There is still no vision in sight for them! a weak government!

    • older persons have passed and and many have been converted to christianity hence the absence of boloms

  3. To use low wages as an excuse to for stealing is unacceptable. Even if these fungus among us were making double their current salary, they will still steal, because they are predisposed to the criminal life. If one job is not enough, get another, and another one. There are people out there with extreme economic challenges and not stealing. These people are void of any morality.

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