Thursday, September 29, 2022

Bandits Steal ‘Afterlife’ Cash, Valuables From Belize Man’s Casket

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Bandits stole cash and jewellery from a Belize man’s grave after his funeral went live on Facebook, showing the items in his casket, reportedly for use in the afterlife.

Local news reports identified the deceased as ‘street figure’ Winston ‘Tanga’ James, who was gunned down on Friday, January 21, as he drove in Belize City.

A passenger in the vehicle sustained gunshot wounds.

Andrew Munnings of Munnings Funeral Services went live on Facebook from the cemetery to explain that during the early morning, thieves visited ‘Tanga’s’ gravesite and fled on the approach of the police who in a statement said officers were responding to a report of a disturbance sometime after 2:00 am on Sunday, January 30.

Andrew Munnings
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“We realised that the tomb was tampered with,” Munnings disclosed, adding that the flowers that were inside the tomb were found outside.

Munnings said when they opened the tomb, they realized that all the cash and jewellery were gone.

“We have exhumed the casket with the permission from the Ministry of Health and in just a few the casket will be placed back for an informal burial,” he explained.

The funeral home official expressed concern over the theft of the cash and valuables from the dead man’s tomb.

“If you cannot respect the dead, I really don’t know,” he lamented.

Hundreds of people attended the deceased’s funeral, raising public health concerns. But health officials said they had not permitted the large gathering.

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  1. they right cause yall to stupid, the guy is dead how the heck he is going to use that in the afterlife? the rich man died and left all of his belongings and he open his eyes in hell and the poor man that was begging for food was in heaven and the rich man was asking god to send the poor man to give him a drop of water to quench his tongue

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