Bandits Target La Bayee SDA Church, School

Bandits have again attacked the La Bayee  Zion Seventh Day Adventist Church and the adjoining La Bayee Primary School.

The attack on Sunday was the second in less than a month.

Church spokesman Eustace Monrose told St Lucia Times that the intruders ransacked the principal’s office.

Monrose said that an assessment of what was stolen was underway.

He described the situation as very disappointing since the SDA Church and the school  serve the community.

“To me, the robbers are getting out of hand,” the SDA official declared.

He said the matter has been reported to the police.

Monrose said he was in agreement with calls in Barbados where religious institutions have been targetted by thieves, that churches need to step up their security.

“They have become prime targets now because I suspect  there is a lack of respect for spiritual matters, religious matters,” he explained.

He also felt that criminals view churches as easy targets.

According to Monrose, people just do not seem to care but are preoccupied with getting what they want by any means.

He expressed the view that even with security measures in place, bandits do break in.



  1. That’s what happens when you have a government including the ministers, with no vision for security and law and order!

  2. The chuch is robbing the community with preaching of a false God… So what if they get robbed too….

  3. Some of the biggest robbers in government are from the SDA church…write a news article on that!

  4. Penny, you deserve a medal, at least one person on St.Lucia that speak the truth, so refreshing.

  5. All the smart comments keep pouring in but if it were somewhere dear to us, the speech would be different…

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