Sunday, September 25, 2022

Baptiste: Chastanet Failed Miserably On The Diplomatic Front

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External Affairs Minister Alva Baptiste has asserted that Saint Lucia’s external relations were practically in a coma under the previous United Workers Party (UWP) administration.

The Laborie MP was responding to a reporter’s question regarding opposition leader Allen Chastanet’s call for clarity from the government on solidarity with Western countries respecting the war in Ukraine.

Baptiste has stated that domestic development needs and not empty associations or ‘photo ops’ will drive Saint Lucia’s foreign policy as the country seeks mutually beneficial relationships.

“The former Prime Minister would just take sides,” the External Affairs Minister asserted regarding Chastanet.

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But he explained that the labour administration under Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre is cautious about navigating very sensitive issues.

“You have seen the Philip J. Pierre administration speak very clearly to the situation and join with CARICOM and the OECS where we coordinate foreign policy to condemn the invasion of Ukraine,” Baptiste said of Russia’s military incursion on February 24.

“We do not have to go overboard in trying to prove a point to the leader of the opposition,” the Minister declared on the sidelines of Tuesday’s session of parliament.

According to Baptiste, also responsible for International Trade, Civil Aviation and Diaspora Affairs, the opposition leader, while in office as Prime Minister, had an opportunity to demonstrate how he would respond to diplomatic issues.

However, he asserted that Chastanet failed miserably.

“So we are not going to take any type of advice from the former Prime Minister because he didn’t have advice for himself when he was there to actually deal with external relations with great dexterity,” the Laborie MP expressed.

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  1. The same inept people that he had placed in positions before including ” Pay Poo See Price Always ” in New York. Fat Know Nothing Clarke somewhere else. plus all those other octogenarians they have all over the place! this is SLP foreign policy aka , zero foreign policy. not forgetting he also presided over the juffalli/ rover scandal of the wanna be PM! what a bunch of losers!

    • Under this government diplomatic postings have gone to the dogs. I personally wouldn’t want to be associated with a government that has brought these positions into disrepute. The numerous scandals and the embarassment to our country is beyond shameful. When a government can support the appointment of entanglers with zero diplomatic experience who haven’t worked in donkey years……I mean work in the traditional sense, we know this is a government lacking any moral compass. No wonder we see such rapid disenchantment with them among their very own. Sad indeed.

  2. Alva, when you are away, don’t forget to recommend Allen to the Nobel Prize Board for the Biggest Liar Award.

  3. Well said Alva….can always count for that one two punch. The yellow fools wants “detailed clarity”. “Emphasis” “respective analysis” like seriously what
    the hell they take it for some essay. Chastanet was a beggar not a statesman, and nobody respect a beggar.

  4. Well said Alva….can always count for that one two punch. The yellow fools wants “detailed clarity”. “Emphasis” “respective analysis” like seriously what
    the hell they take it for some essay. Chastanet was a beggar not a statesman, and nobody respect a beggar.

  5. @Ant you couldn’t have said it better. You even ranked Alva a bit high in the tier. He just does not belong and he never will. His ministerial portfolio is in name only. Like you rightly said family, friends, wives and even side pieces of the clique are appointed to diplomatic posts. You can be as loyal as an apostle you will never compete with the cabalism that is rife in the SLP. The persons who are appointed now have been there from before with some notable exceptions. Loyalty and dedication to the cause is not appreciated and only certain persons qualifications and so called diplomatic experience count. Others are regarded as collateral damage . George Charles died a pauper and we have these hypocritical leeches getting rich off a party he founded who do not have an iota of patriotism he had. Shame

  6. Alva’s greatest claim to fame is “Talk, travel and take”.
    In his previous iteration as the Minister of Foreign Affairs there was NOTHING of significance anyone can remember of his tenure.
    He flew 1st class, stayed in first class accommodations, collected tons of money for PER DIEM and the end result was NADA.
    The SLP leadership is a closed clique formed over 25 years ago. The equivalent of a communist party leadership in which governance is viewed as control and sucking the citizens dry for the leaderships betterment. Look at all the friends family appointed to posts.
    Poor Alva, as note by another post, is in the second or third tier of that parasitical group who is relegated to continuing his talk travel and take as his only foreign policy.
    After 8 months or 240 days in lucrative office (earning 1000% more than the average Lucian salary) he still has not outlined a foreign policy position to help us. He has failed to elucidate us on a response to external factors affecting the cost of fuel, food and telecommunications even as inflation ravages our economy.
    8 months into their tenure there is a seething dislike of these goons under the surface in St. Lucia except for those directly benefiting from the plundering of the treasury.
    Where is the $1,500 for every lucian promised. Or the tax breaks, or the stopping of Cabot, or the gas tax reprieve? Or any new perspective on the way forward. Only borrowing in excess of half of a billion dollars in the budget.
    Now they are asking for “the end of political tribalism” as if they can turn off the racism, xenophobia, hatred, vulgarity, lies that were spewed by them over their existance.
    So St Lucians. Hunker down, tighten your wallets, eat bananas, do not buy too much gas or use your cell phone too much as the SLP leadership buy up land, import expensive cars, talk , travel and take for the next 4 1/2 years.

  7. Man you don’t even have a say on the appointment of anyone you want to come and talk. You are just a minister in name but have no authority to decide anything. Under your government we faced so many scandals and internationally embarrassing situations. You seem to forget juffali and the ensuing embrassment….oh but wait juffali was appointed under your nose by someone whose boss you were supposed to be and you didn’t even know as foreign affairs minister ……laughable. Then there was the williams appointment again you knew nothing about that as foreign affairs minister….oh the same parties in the juffali affair again became embroiled in rovergate…. williams and he lair…..the unholy alliance was formed because they had their corrupt intentions from day one. Today you still have no clout little boy from laborie because will I ams has to get his reward for his rovergate role……man sit dong eh with your napoleon syndrome

  8. Says the failure who accomplished nothing in his position for 5 years and got back the same. Airmiles on government money is not an accomplishment. The man was only interested in plane rides and did nada. Chas has more to show than him for sure!

  9. Can you imagine a minister after 3 terms doesn’t know what is GDP and wants to talk about the Diplomatic front?

    • Man sit dong…….Juffali and Range Rover is still embarrassing us…….Shazi in Martinique was a failure and now you putting another one doomed to fail there……. your party rewards immoral and corrupt behaviour.

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