Barbadians Challenged To Get Vaccinated By November 15

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by Joy-Ann Gill

Barbadians have been issued with a challenge from Head of Isolation Facilities and Infectious Disease Specialist, Dr. Corey Forde, to get the country out of the current COVID-19 situation, where positive cases continue to rise.

Dr. Forde, in addressing last evening’s press conference at Ilaro Court, made the appeal to Barbadians.

“I don’t want to give dates, but by the middle of next month, I would love every single Barbadian who has the opportunity to get vaccinated, to help us on the ground….  I really would like you to step forward and do it by the 15th; call it a date! I may be wrong for doing it … but by November 15, I am pleading with all Barbadians in this country to add wisdom and common sense to your daily living.”

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The Head of Isolation Facilities continued: “If you’re not sure, pray to God. He would give the answer.…  I’m asking you to protect the health care workers and protect this country. There is no one more in this country than I who want this country to get back to any sense of normalcy. I want to fly back on planes. I want to have a long vacation as I always say. At the end of this, I want to be able to do all the things that you want to do, or you would do before.”

Expressing optimism that it could occur in the given timeframe, he called on Barbadians to step forward in the fight. “I don’t want to see 1,000 cases in this country or 800 or 900, whatever is predicted. We have the capacity to get there and to do that and to return to normalcy,” Dr. Forde stressed.

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