Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Barbadians Go To The Polls On January 19

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BGIS:- Barbadians will be going to the polls to elect a Government to lead them for the next five years on January 19, 2022.

In an announcement to the nation this evening from llaro Court, Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley said Nomination Day would be on January 3.

Ms. Mottley shared that she had met earlier in the day with the President of Barbados, The Most Honourable Dame Sandra Mason, and had advised that Parliament be dissolved with immediate effect.

The Prime Minister added that Dame Sandra had also been advised to issue writs for the “holding of new elections in Barbados”.

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“On this the 27th day of December, 2021, I have decided that it would be in the interest of Barbados, our country, our home that we recalibrate as a people behind one

Government and one leader.  Let me say that whoever emerges as that leader I will support.  I will do my utmost to promote the interest of Barbados and Barbadians in all that I say and do, as I have done in all of my public career and would continue to do until the Lord takes my breath,” she underlined.

Ms. Mottley disclosed that she would be advising officials from the Electoral and Boundaries Commission and the COVID-19 Cabinet Sub-Committee to meet on the structure of the voting process in light of the ongoing pandemic.

“I will also ensure that the Leader of the Opposition and myself are fully briefed after these meetings, and that we can update you in a matter of days on any agreed upon changes with respect to simplifying the conduct of elections in this environment,” the Prime Minister stated.

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  1. Why is this discussion around Barbados ho republic. Miss Mortley followed the constitution when she proceeded to go republic. She had a two thirds majority just as Mr Kenny had in 1997 and PJP has. In such a scenario you do not need a referendum to proceed.

    The discussions should be about here policies and whether she has achieved some of her promises of the years in government and how it is impacting the majority of Barbadians. It is their decision on the 19th of January 2022.

    She is a politician and a smart one to strike whilst the iron is hot and the opposition is in disarray. She is likely to win!

  2. Good women a person delivered Barbados out of Neo colonial slavery . Who asked St Lucia to have a n English person as a head of state .Is the Queen elected .

  3. Tony shut the hell up your should be ashamed of the joker pm of st lucia..Mia is loosing grounds in Barbados ask your self that question why so many people of her camp left to bossy..but anyway good luck for her because I would not like a change of government now

  4. The Fox a very backward majority like soner closh and Campain in de morning. Some of yall butt hurt flambos really think ppl taking yall serious lmao.

  5. Mama Mia, has now used Kenny’s strategy to win another landslide. You have really caught the DLP with their pants down and with little time to get candidates ready for Nominations on January 3. I’m beginning to fear this wave of dictatorship that is about to sweep the Caribbean like a fifth wave of Covid.

  6. Isn’t it amazing what a little power will do to ones head. After 31/2 years in total power with no opposition, she is hoping for a further five years, and will certainly win, which spells ‘Dictatorship’ for a tiny nation. What are the chances that other neibouring Island States wont follow, judging their egoistic tendencies, power and control is the order of the day. Take the case of St. Lucia how easily it was to manipulate a very backward majority to win by an almost sweep, I would not put it past them to follow the footsteps of Barbados. Very interesting times ahead with dictatorship showing its ugly head. They turn their backs on God, lets wait and see how long it will last.

  7. Ha!Ha! Mia is out! no ands, ifs or buts. you made such a decision on your own for barbados to become a republic. you never allowed the people to decide to change the status quo. i guess your party members gave you an ultimatum. lady you think you were too big for your boots! say goodbye to being PM

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