Barbadians Urged To Adopt Zero Tolerance For Guns

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Attorney General Dale Marshall has called on Barbadians to adopt a “zero tolerance” for guns and anyone dealing with these illegal firearms.

Mr. Marshall urged citizens to take this tough stance as he addressed a press conference on Friday, where he said the four shooting deaths the island recorded in three days took the number of homicides for the year to 28.

Speaking directly to the public, the Attorney General said: “If your son or daughter, your boyfriend or girlfriend is involved in that way of life, bringing guns in the house, hiding them under the mattress, tell them not with you….  If you, your partner, your mother, your father, your brother, your sister, whoever it is, is involved in that way of life, zero tolerance means that we have a vested interest in telling them to … get out of that way of life….

“I understand this is a difficult conversation; it will be hard for some because some of the members of the public may rely on these individuals for support.  They may say, well I can’t do this to my child’s father….  But the fact is that if you don’t, you have to accept that you may well become a casualty because you support that particular way of life.”

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Mr. Marshall expressed the view that a whole of country approach must be adopted to deal with the crime situation, as was done earlier to successfully fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, he stated that every Barbadian has a role to play in this fight.

“The statistics in relation to the other crimes are down.  So, if we’ve been able to quell the other kinds of criminal activity using particular interventions and methods, there’s no reason why we should not be able to succeed in firearm crimes by using the same approach….

“It will require steady, diligent work on the part of the Police Service, on the part of the Government and equally important, on the part of the people of Barbados,” he stressed.

Stating that the recent homicides were not random shootings, the Attorney General said this spate of instability was being caused by two or three groups that were engaging in feuding and recriminations.

“These criminals know and plot for the people who they are targeting, and invariably it is the associates or members of the rival groups,” he disclosed.

He gave the assurance that the island remains a safe place, with citizens being safe in their homes and communities.

He said the country had not descended into any state of anarchy.  However, he acknowledged that the current spike could have a severe effect on the country and the way of life of its people.

Stressing that “this gun play must stop”, he asserted that “we have it within our power to stop it”.

He noted that law and order was a priority for Government, and this was evident by the fact that every time the Barbados Police Service asked for resources or equipment, the administration had tried to put them in place.

“At a policy level, we are continuing our efforts to ensure that the Service has every resource that it requires in this fight….  I want to make sure that the Barbados Police Service is the best-equipped police service in the region.  We have fine police officers and we must make sure that they have our support, in terms of the best things to work with; so we are working on that,” he stressed.

Mr. Marshall disclosed that a one-day meeting was held last week with the police, Director of Public Prosecution and others to, among other things, further agree to adopt a series of measures to ensure that case files relating to murders and firearms moved through the system swiftly.  “I’m looking forward to seeing those operational initiatives being implemented; the priority of our criminal system has to be murder cases and firearms,” he said.

The Attorney General encouraged Barbadians to come forward and share any information they have on crime.

He added that if they were hesitant they should call Crime Stoppers, as tips which came through that avenue had been pivotal in solving crimes.

He said the easy access to firearms in the USA had created a huge problem for the Caribbean, as those guns had made their way onto our streets.

He noted that Caribbean countries were experiencing similar problems with an influx and use of firearms.

SOURCE: Barbados Government Information Service. Headline photo: Stock image.

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  1. @C-WIZ I would definitely agree with you at a 100% there is too many illiterate people in St.Lucia. Most of them can’t even speak proper English. Hence why you don’t need highly educated politicians to win an election in St. Lucia

  2. Ever wondered why on average St Lucia’s murder rate annual is greater than Barbados’s? Here are some reasons why..

    1) Barbados has a higher GDP than St Lucia, therefore its citizens enjoy a slightly higher quality of life, taking home better pay and since more people are taking home better pay, hence less reasons for people to commit crime.

    2) Barbados’s literacy rate is higher than St Lucia’s. Therefore higher literacy means people can reason their differences rather than wounding each other. Better literacy, better decisions making, leading to higher education and better pay as in No.1 above leading to less crime in society.

    3). Although Barbados is a Christian country as is St Lucia, I think on average St Lucia is a more religious country than Barbados. But here is the issue…higher literacy (Barbados) more people use practical tools to deal with their domestic issues rather than depend on a sky god to sort there problem out …higher literacy means people are less superstitious, which religion is, higher literacy means people have more common sense… since St Lucia has a lower literacy and seems to be more religious, St Lucians tend to call on god, bend their knees to pray when the answers to the problem are steering them in the face….even in government they pray before sessions… ridiculous. God don’t give a s***t about your problems because he does not care because he does not exist. That doesn’t mean Bajans are not religious, it just means they are less so than St Lucians.

    4) Barbados is a more liberal society than St Lucia. Therefore, having a higher literacy, higher GDP, Less religious means Barbadians are more likely to make more decisions that focuses on reason and logic to sort out issues…most likely their debates in government are more intricate and have substance….not the petty party politics and mud slinging that goes on in St Lucia. That is not to say it does not happen in Bajan politics but it is less so.

    5) And so because of higher literacy, the Bajans have better quality of politicians than St Lucia.. typical eg. Pm Mia Mottley…known the world over for her leadership and a stalwart of progressive politics…

    6) due to the cumulative effects of the factors above, Bajans have a better quality of life. Therefore they have less crime on average. So go figure. Now I know some might look at these statements and sneer, but that won’t change the facts… problem with St Lucia is that a lot of people are not literate enough to make informed decisions and those that are not literate tend to be more religious and superstitious. Now being religious does not stop crime, it just means that someone who believes in god tend to make decisions of conscience based on the fact that god is watching and that there are consequences to taking certain actions…what religion does is give people an easy way out by putting the problem to a god who by all accounts is not listening.. because he does not exist. This is akin to putting the issue on the back burner in an effort to avoid it because one does not have options or solutions, putting it to god is a kind of psychological denial because they don’t have an answer…now a few will say well god did this or that for me,…well what made you so different that god helped you but not the other person? If you carry out a survey and ask the entire population what has god done for them…I bet you will find the vast majority will answer NOTHING.. or how many times has god answered your prayers….Answer.? NOT MANY TIMES OR NEVER. And I am not talking about trivial answers like I am alive today, or I can breathe, or god gave me food etc etc . I am talking about hard evidence that god did something for you and even then there would a plausible reason your specific wish came to fruition…..

    You want a better society? Then consider these facts. Otherwise I quarantee you, St Lucia will continue to go down that slippery slope that it is on sadly. And I say all that with great concern and love for my country.

  3. AA Only 28. Aa BARBADOS We almost double that eee and your population double ours eee. Btw our Leaders so far are Concerned and putting mechanisms in place. SO we safe.

  4. Parents Know Very well that their Children are Involved in Criminal Activity because Most of these parents Enjoy proceeds of their Kids Criminal Activity


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