Barbados: 9 year old reportedly has ‘criminal ambitions’

Barbados Today:-Attorney General and Minister of Home Affairs Adriel Brathwaite today warned that the responsibility for parenting this country’s youth could not be left to the mass media.

The stern warning came in response to a disturbing report Brathwaite said he received this week of a nine-year-old boy who said he wanted to grow up and “kill as many people as possible” because “those are the people you see at the front of the newspaper”.

“We are allowing televisions to raise our children. We are giving children these video games with lots of shooting and cursing and then we wonder why this feel this connect to the gun and we wonder why they don’t have any respect . . . for human life,” he said.

Addressing the 130th anniversary church service for the Registration Department held at the Abundant Life Assembly this morning, Brathwaite criticized the media for perpetuating negative images of the society and said that it was the responsibility of individuals in the Registration Department and the wider public to highlight the positive being done in society.

“We have a responsibility to let these young people know that there is good in our society, so that instead of saying, ‘he [the nine year-old] wants to kill as many people as possible, he would say, ‘I want to work for the Lord [or] I want to work for charity’,”  the Attorney General suggested.

“We have a responsibility to save these young people, to take back this society of ours . . .  . Each of you have to make it your mission to do what you can to save all our young people,” he stressed.

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