Barbados Cabinet Members To Declare Assets To Serve

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Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley has indicated that members of her new cabinet will have to declare their assets to serve despite the absence of integrity legislation.

She also announced zero tolerance for corruption and arrogance in her new government.

Mottley, whose Barbados Labour Party (BLP) made a clean 30-0 sweep at the January 19 general elections, made the issue clear Wednesday, according to the Barbados Government Information Service (BGIS).

She was addressing the swearing-in ceremony for members of Cabinet, the House of Assembly, Senate, and Parliamentary Secretaries at State House.

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The BGIS quoted Mottley as saying she remained hopeful that there would be the passing of integrity legislation on the third attempt to bring it before Parliament.

“The first time was under the Tom Adams administration. It did not get past the Senate, having gotten past the elected members in the House of Assembly. In the last term, it did not get past the Senate again, having gotten past the elected members of the House of Assembly,” she recalled.

But she observed that despite the absence of integrity legislation, a modern Corruption Act was passed and the Whistleblowers Act and Deferred Prosecution Act.

The Barbados PM observed that they gave law enforcement and prosecution officials additional powers.

“I repeat, there is zero-tolerance for both corruption and arrogance in this administration,” the Prime Minister maintained.

In this regard, she highlighted that recent reports described Barbados as being among the top 30 countries globally that were least corrupt and the least corrupt Caribbean nation.

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  1. @Hunter tiway boh-day lah, vieux negre sal!! blame the white man for black on black crime! your ilk have done the most corruption in politics in this country. your boy jufalli and you must be fellow boo-lahs!

  2. Well its the Juffali affair that made the international press all over the world. Also the international press know who Dudas Cokes partner was here and the UK police know which politician has answers on the Gobart murder case.

  3. Believe it or not St. lucia has an integrity commission. Clearly is doesn’t work but people on that commission get paid alright.

  4. We need to make it mandatory for all elected officials to declare their assets before taking office. As it seems conflict of interest affects line staff and small fry while the ministers can have their spouses, friends and lawyers get contracts and jobs wherever they want.

  5. Barbados fall in the Top 30 least corrupt country in the Caribbean even without no integrity legislation or commission

    Put St .Lucia in that same shoe for past six years and we are shining ✨ we made a name for ourselves on that list as one of the most corrupt .Thanks to Uncle Chas well done sir .

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