Barbados Church Attack – One Man In Police Custody

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One man was in police custody after a brazen daylight attack in a Barbados church Sunday.

According to local media reports, a man walked into the Sion Hill New Testament Church of God, St James demanding that worshippers not use Jesus’ name.

The Pastor of the church, identified as Gregney Holder, and his wife Alison sustained injuries due to the church invasion.

And church property, including benches, was damaged.

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On Tuesday, Barbados Today reported that the Barbados District of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies (PAWI) suggested that this incident should trigger churches to treat security more seriously.

“It is now critical that the Christian community develop heightened awareness, exercise greater vigilance, and where possible, improve security to ensure that our congregants continue to give expression to their faith in a safe environment,” Head of the PAWI Bishop Selwyn Brathwaite told the online publication.

Other religious leaders have echoed similar sentiments.

Headline photo: Cleanup after church attack


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  1. @High Grade, Be a change for the better, promote peace and love, not hate and division. Don’t let the wicked Forces use you as a tool.

    You sound really funny downgrading the European language that you use so freely. Adam and Eve is just a translation,

    • ……gather thy flock your religion and religious belief is the most divisive way of life. It promote hate (to hate yourself) only love those who does not look like you. I told you once but I will tell you again have your ever investigate the atrocities of The Catholic Church in St Lucia ?? Talk to the elders if they are still around you won’t find it in any book, now that is what you call wicked.

  2. !t is the time of the end; the devil knows that his time is short, he will try everything in his power to destroy the Church where Jesus is preached. Sadly, thats hardly the beginning; you will be shocked to know the extent of his effort to destroy, steal and to kill. It has happened in St. Lucia before, but be strong in the faith, keep praying, Jesus is Lord – be loved.

  3. Must be the works of a bredrin Rastaman….Gwan Natty. There must have been nothing Afrocentric about the place. Was the clergy men in robes and pretend to be “Christ Like” ?? Was there murals of European Ancestry/ dominance way of life. Was there Pictures of Jesus in sandals and looking like David Koresh ? Were the angels white as snow (blowing trumpets) ?? If the above answers are yes, yes, yes, and yes Gwan bredrin’s continue the work of beating back the mental slavery Jah Bless. The latest trend for them is Monkey Pox, and just look at every picture in every media house in the world what do you see A BLACK HAND. In earnest, white people are immune to it, its a “Black thing” which is PURE LIE, but you see how it’s been portrayed, even the waggonist here jump on the bandwagon a bunch of jackasses and they wonder why I cuss them.


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