Thursday, September 29, 2022

Barbados: Fully Vaccinated Individuals Test Positive For COVID-19

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There have been ten reported cases in Barbados of fully vaccinated individuals testing positive for COVID-19.

Speaking Sunday on VOB’s Down to Brass Tacks, Chief Medical Officer, Dr Kenneth George said six of the ten cases were imported, while the other four were locals, all of whom had already been fully vaccinated.

“To date, we have had ten such cases of which six have been imported cases, with persons being doubly vaccinated with Pfizer and persons with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. We have also had four cases in Barbados of persons who had complete vaccinations with AstraZeneca,” the CMO said.

“What I can tell you, [is] none of those persons are in ICU, none of those individuals are on oxygen, and none of those individuals are on CPAP  [Continuous Positive Airway Pressure].

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“Based on those small numbers, what we are seeing is, yes, breakthrough infections are possible, we had told the public of Barbados this,  Dr George said, adding that the  ten patients were all asymptomatic.

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