Barbados Government Did Not ‘Handpick Workers To Be Sent Home’

Barbados Today:–  The Mia Mottley led Government did not handpick which workers would be sent home during its recent retrenchment exercise.

That assurance was given on Wednesday by Senator Lisa Cummins who said while Government’s decision to send home 1500 workers was extremely hard, the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) was doing what the Democratic Labor Party (DLP) should have done when it was in power.

Cummins, who was speaking during debate on the Debt Holder (Approval of Debt Restructuring) Bill 2018 in Senate, said Government had ensured that the layoffs were done as fairly as possible.

“This is no light thing. Nobody would enjoy doing what we are doing here. But what I can tell you is this. There are no ministers pulling any lists to go through to see who is from their constituency in this retrenchment. There are no ministers sending out lists from his constituency to see who is from his constituency and who is not so that we can choose who is going home. That’s not what is happening here, that is not what is happening in this moment,” Cummins said.

Cummins said the country was at a crossroads, and called for all Barbadians to come together saying that this was not the time for partisan politics, but rather a time for “national consciousness”.

“We are making national choices, painful, difficult national choices that the Democratic Labour Party did not have the guts to make five years ago,” she said.

“This moment in time is a watershed moment for Barbados and we have to be serious and approach it with a sense of national responsibility.”


  1. What bull when you fire people,you sit with agroup of your close entorage,and you choose who you are going to fire,and a short explanation of why? and mostly are going to be from the oposition,a few recalcitrant partisans,that nobody can stand,and thats it.Thats the way it is done on planet earth.We will need a bit of this at home any time,because we are in a mess.

  2. To many monkeys,not enoughf bananas,for all of them.None of this is new,the cancer has been there for 15 years at least

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