Barbados: Indulgent parents accused of raising ‘killers’

Barbados Today:-Against a backdrop of a rash of murders in Barbados, allegedly committed by young people, Education Minister Ronald Jones has accused indulgent parents of raising young people as killers.

Addressing a scholarship fund-raising dinner of the Lynch Secondary Old Scholars Association, Jones said that Barbadian society of years gone by collectively raised children with a sense of responsibility knowing that they must earn what they wish to have, but today parents give to their offspring willingly.

“The reality of our nurturing was embedded in all of us so we weren’t killers. We weren’t killers at all. We were developers of a nation,” he said at the Clock Tower, the Garrison.

“Today the licence to kill has been given by those who just give their children licence to do foolishness, and not to be part of the formative development of themselves or their  families.”

As an example, he said that a 23-year-old could demand food from a mother and will get it, “when you should be working somewhere”.

Lynch Secondary, was opened in 1886 and closed in 1991 but still has an active alumni association, members of which sponsored the dinner last night to begin a scholarship fund for young persons in the name of an outstanding teacher, Mellis Gooding.

Jones said that while Barbados in the past had few ideal families, “there is an argument that some of our families [today] are dysfunctional”.

He said that despite not being ideal, families of the past were not dysfunctional either.

“We’ve had structures that helped form and make that family world, grandparents across the way, or in the same village or the same gap; aunts and uncles who stepped up to the plate to ensure that younger children benefitted from family socialisation”.

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