Barbados Minister Encourages Positive Content In Crop Over Lyrics

Barbados Today:– Minister of Broadcasting Senator Lucille Moe has issued a warning to broadcasters, songwriters and artistes to be mindful of their Crop Over content.

She told the launch of the First Citizens/Digicel Big Show calypso tent: “I would like to see a sense of responsibility prevail in our choices of what we broadcast put in the public domain, particularly when it is most likely to reach the youth.”

Senator Moe told the calypsonians and songwriters that their music influenced the thoughts, actions, and behaviours of the youth. She advised that they had a responsibility to the public as “bearers of information”.

She said: “Artistes, songwriters, and vocalists have significant power as bearers of information and those of you who produce the show has significant power as to the audiences that you reach when you broadcast these shows.

“Information whether conveyed through an artist or in a newspaper or a news item broadcast over television or through the lyrics of a Crop Over song on radio, that information or commentary whether it be entertaining or conscious that its effect on society and our values must not be destructive or divisive but it must always be positive and in some way try to uplift our society where possible.”

The Minister announced that the Government Information Service (GIS) will be establishing an information centre which will enhance the archival data unit.

Senator Moe said that the cultural heritage of the island, especially its indigenous music must be researched, preserved and recorded for international consumption.

While endorsing future collaborations with players in entertainment and broadcasting, she said: “There is no reason why Crop Over and elements of Crop Over should not be broadcast and become features for global audiences on the same scale of [Eurovision – the television network of the. European Broadcasting Union (EBU)].

“There is scope for commercial and developmental relationships for stakeholders in the entertainment industry and the information industry.

In turn, the Big Show tent’s chairman Hallam Nicholls, declared there will be no lewd content on his stage come opening night on June 15 at the Sea Rocks Dome.

Nicholls also revealed Joaquin will be joining the all-star cast of Mac Fingall, Mistah Dale, Adonijah, Mikey, Natahlee, Biggie Irie, Marvay, JsloClassicPompey, Chrystal Cummins-Beckles, Adrian AC Clarke, Edwin Yearwood, Mr BloodTC, and Grynner.

“Every year we try to have at least one new artiste and put them with the seasoned competitors and that is how they learn,” Nicholls said.


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