Friday, December 13, 2019

Barbados MP Takes Swipe At Buju

Barbados Nation:– A goverment backbencher has frowned on the “romanticising” of the recently held Buju Banton concert.

Speaking during debate on the National Council on Substance Abuse (NCSA) (Amendment) Bill, 2019, in the House of Assembly yesterday, St Philip North Member of Parliament Dr Sonia Browne said the time had come for the perception of heroes and heroines to change.

The 45-year-old Jamaican reggae artiste staged his Long Walk To Freedom concert – part of a Caribbean tour – at Kensington Oval on April 27. His first show here in about ten years came after he had spent eight years in an American jail on drug charges.

“I don’t think we quite understand the seriousness of drug use and abuse. Let me clear it by saying I am a fan of Buju Banton; I admire his music,” Browne said.

Dr. Sonia Browne

“But when we got a society that more or less romanticises a gentleman coming out of prison after spending a decade of incarceration on drug charges; when on his long walk to freedom – I’m not too sure from where – but when we can romanticise that, and greet somebody like this at the airport and give them one of the biggest concerts.

“Let me say again I love his music, but we need to change the perspective of our young people with respect to our heroes and heroines,” said Browne, who is also Chairman of Committees in the House.

“We’ve got to change the focus. Yes, there were the Bob Marleys of the world. I love him too, but the perspective of young people, they use him as an example that marijuana does nothing.

Not everybody can benefit from the clarity that I assume he exhibited from marijuana use. Not many people can belt out the lyrics that he did. In fact, the majority can’t, but we need to change the focus and move to different role models.”

Browne, a medical doctor, added: “We have a man like Mr Banton . . . that stepped out of prison and I’m sure is a virtual millionaire. We need to change the focus of who we look up to for young people.”

She also told the Lower House that alcohol abuse was “a big issue” which was often overlooked.

She said that “many families” had suffered, pay cheques were spent before people got home and it was a burden on the workforce.

“Sometimes I fail to understand . . . why, with this knowledge, with the pushing of NCSA, we sit down here and back them and everything, and yet we as ministers, or MPs, or candidates, are encouraged to go into the rum shops and buy drinks . . . for the fellas. It makes no sense.”


  1. I think that you should keep quiet. You are so confused. Young people should emulate politicians? The most dishonest and corrupt people on earth especially in the Caribbean. What Buju has done is nothing compared to what politicians have done and continue to do. Some of them even get knighthoods imposed on them.

    • Well said ! I don’t what her problem the man come for a weekend do a show and go about his business. He don’t disrespect peoples place he don’t curse he don’t smoke he entertain his fans and kept it moving. Buju there will always be those people with negativity towards you this is how it was before you went to jail and it’s will be worst now listen to the words of Chronxis “A nuh everybody a go like mi doing it for the love mi naw do it for the likes” and keep it moving.

  2. Woman u will die and come again and still will not have the status that the great gargamel just gave u an excuse to vent as if u concern….u MP,s never deal with real issues at hand….every one deserves a second chance in society and this is one of them as buju banton has a lengthy record of guiding our black bro,s and sis….who are u to overweigh this isolated incident against the decades of his nurturing and goodwill….stay in your lane or even better drop dead.

  3. well well I agree with the minister and the comments made by some of the Buju supporters re the politicians. what a sham. We are really fooling the young people

  4. Shut you mouth who fooling young ppl like politicians you are the country that don’t like Jamaican too shut up

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