Friday, January 24, 2020

Barbados PM Warns Against Clean Sweep In Cricket

Barbados Nation:-  Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley has sent a strong verbal message to Cricket West Indies (CWI) led by Ricky Skerritt that it should be cautious before moving swiftly to introduce a clean sweep of the top decision-makers of a sport which comes close to religion status in the English-speaking Caribbean.

“I pray simply that the West Indies Cricket Board will understand that there can be no justification, in my view, for a clean sweep of anybody, especially after we have regained the Wisden Trophy, especially after we have tied the one-day international series with the English, who are ranked No. 1 and are favourites for the forthcoming World Cup,” the Prime Minister told a recent town hall meeting at Howard University in Washington D.C.

Mottley hosted the meeting there attended by hundreds of Bajans, Caribbean and American diplomats and others who drove long distances from across Virginia, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Connecticut to hear her explain her Government’s economic and social policies.

Without calling the name of Ricky Skerritt, the new CWI president, Mottley invoked the legacies of Jesus Christ and Nelson Mandela to underscore the point that cricket was a team sport.


    • I agree wholeheartedly. If is one time we will part is with her interference in our CRICKET. Ms Mottley take care of your policies to return Barbados to stardom and let us take care of our policies to return CRICKET to its glory days. If it means sacking the whole school of Cameron corrupt so be it.

  1. Its interesting that the Pm choses now to make her voice heard…when Cameron and his stoogies were making a mockery of the management of Cwi I dont recall hearing from her.

  2. A clean sweep of the cricket board is long overdue our players need to be treated fairly and with respect selected by their ability not politricks from the board members the only way to go is up and any wins so far has been in spite of the board petty issues good luck to our players proud of you all

  3. When Cameron was eradicating everything in sight including the HPC, no one said nothing. Holding has not spoken in six years since Cameron became President but now that Mr. Skerrett is fishing out the bad apples, all hands are up in the air. I think that Mr. Skerrett is the full interest of reviving WI cricket. I do believe that politics and politicians should refrain from getting too involved in CWI unless there is an urgent call for help. Let us grant Mr. Skerrett and his team some time to carry out his vision and let’s keep our noses in what matters to us for now.

  4. Mottley knows how sweet it is to enjoy a clean sweep so she would prefer it to be on the palette of only Bajans like herself. Let the love be shared right across our cricketing Caribbean. Politicians and those with political intent always cry fowl when the shoe is on the other foot. Cameron and his board did engage in acts which were equally disgusting like u may be accusing Skerritt now. Cricket should be more centered around the players and the fans and less with the elections and board appointees.

  5. When a captain had won TWO consecutive world cups, THEY (SELECTORS AND ALL) CHOSE to remove him STILL. WHY wasn’t this spoken about then? I think its hypocritical speech really from you Ms PM. Its gonna fall back into your plate and you don’t like it. But if you would brace for it, things shouldn’t hurt much. Wait….its coming and will be here soon. 😉

  6. Probably a Cameron loyalist….this is probably the first time i disagree with a PM Mottley statement. Mr. Skeritt has been given the mandate to do what he feels is right the same way Cameron dictatorial style had taken place.


    The venue and timing for such comment could easily be equated to ‘…an international Circus-like Side Show.’

    Not sure what the ‘…policies of the Administrators of Cricket West Indies’ have to do with ‘…Bajan economic and social policies.’

    If so interested, the Bajan Prime Minister’ might wish to switch her positional status’ with that of Rickie Skeritt.

    While the ‘…honourable lady’ may opt for ‘…men’s wearing apparel in performing her prime ministerial duties,’ Skeritt most certainly will not wish to appear effeminate, by ‘…donning ladies wear in administrating West Indies Cricket.’

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